Monday, May 13, 2013

It was a REALLY strange week (May 13)

So I told you a little about my last Pday but seriously it was the best. We woke up and did Pday things: clean, study, grocery shop, emails, and stuff like that. Then we had a little bit more time so we booked it up to a castle. The hike was so great and is SUPER close to our apartment. (For the next 3 days for sport, we ran to the trail head then hiked it as far as we can in our time, best sport time we've done!) They now use the castle for a youth camp of some kind. After getting ready the real excitement started! WE were on a bus and we saw a less active. I witnessed a miracle that day. She talked to us and showed us a place to eat she thought we might like. Seriously, it was AMAZING. Sister Garrett even says I can't comprehend what a turn around was shown. SO COOL! So we decided to take a bus to an area we haven't been around but ended up following a student for a while so we could talk to him. He was the business student I told you about. We then started clingling and the first one we did was Erika! I told you about her, we had a mini lesson right there and set up an appointment. Then we went to the next apartment. There we talked to the repairman who was just so happy and so glad we were sharing what we believe in. While talking to him someone came up and started talking to us. He didn't want to learn any of the lessons, but he wants to help us with our German. haha He was just so nice! The very next door we clingled said he already had talked with the missionaries and could name one of the elders that left this transfer! It was so cool seeing how happy people were to talk to missionaries! The next building had no one home so we walked to the next house. Where a lady opened the door. She was so cool! Her personality reminded me a ton of Jody actually. We talked for a long time, she talked about how she meditates for her religion and she was just so fun and grateful we stopped by. We answered a ton of her questions and she wants us to stop by and have tea sometime. It was so awesome to have SO MANY positive contacts in a row! :) We went to bed so happy that night :)

Tuesday we had my first district meeting. So we headed to Landshut early on the train. We met up for lunch. The Andersons, the elderly companionship in our district, made us lunch. It was fun to get to meet everyone. I learned I really need to memorize some scriptures auf Deutsch, they are coming along :) The district meeting was fun and we did some great brainstorming. We then taught a less-active, a girl that lived in the same home participated in our lesson and is now a potential! She was very excited to read the scriptures. We read Nephi 2. I have never felt the spirit so strong reading that chapter. It was so awesome! It really show the spirit can be there even when you are in unlikely surroundings. On the train ride home we met a man who had called the missionaries before because of a TV commercial he saw when going to college in America. He invited us to sit with him on the train and had many questions. It was a really cool experience! It really shows people are looking for the gospel.

Later that week we had mission tour! It was really cool to hear from Elder Teixeira and his wife! It was a great day of learning. Because Passau is so far away and we had to be there at 8 we got to sleep in the mission home. It was pretty cool! Sister Miles is the best.
We then had our monthly finding day. This month we went to Neuötting. The mission leader there had set us up to go mothers day singing. So we went around to hospitals and sang and really had a fun time. However, it sounded horrible, but the people in the hospital enjoyed the company and the poems. This took a lot more time then expected so we didn't really do much finding. :(

Yesterday after church we went to lunch at the Sagmeisters and got to skype home. It was so fun being with their family. There was a lot of German! Haha
Sister Sagmesiter is so wonderful though! Their whole family is- we pretty much spent all day with them because she had a potential come over ( my first referral!) but they are SO FUNNY and they were just seriously the best. I loved spending the day there. They really understand missionary work.

So yeah that's my week. It was a REALLY strange week because we spent so much time not in Passau. The district meetings are weekly but everything else was pretty rare. It was cool to see how much contact and how many lessons we taught on the train though! Probably my favorite part about going to München!

haha, yes, I am getting enough to eat. Thanks for the offer. Although, I miss dried fruit, so whenever you do, that is what I would love, along with some other things, I'll let you know. I forgot what they were right now :)

Okay, so I read your question if the youth meet during the week aloud, my companion and I laughed for a few minutes. She said in her first area her mom asked her if she ran into other missionaries...... haha. I'm cracking up as I write this. It's just so different then in the States. I bet Rachel is just having such a different experience then I am right now. So anyway, I'll try to explain church a little better :)

So church, we have about 18 active members, but we usually see about 12 or so on Sunday. Only one family has children. They make up half of the branch :) The first hour of church is RS/Priesthood. Merium, who is ten, comes to Relief Society with us. The "Young men" are taught by their older brother who is an RM and it's more of a mission prep class. I hope that makes sense. No primary, no nursery, no YM, no YW, and no Sunday School. We then have an hour of Sacrament Meeting. I don't think it will ever take the whole hour except on fast Sundays. It definitely won’t in 2 weeks when I talk.... I am freaking out... haha. People come from a very large area to Passau. I looked at the list for you dad, 7 out of the 28 baptized families in this area live in Passau. Of those 7, 2 are active. I hope that answers all your questions :)

Also, I got my new backpack today! It's already worth it. It's been POURING rain. and it has a cover, where as previously, all my stuff was just soaked. So I love it.
That's all I have for now. Let me know if you have any more questions.
I hope you had an awesome mothers day! I thought of you a ton!

I love you!

Sister Regnier

On a hike to a castle- that's Austria across the river!

German dinner that my companion made for us

That's my district! The elders are in Landshut and Neuötting.

The Sagmeister's  like to tightrope... It was pretty hard.

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