Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm the Luckiest Sister in the World (April 28)

The first miracle I would love to talk about starts with a member, as it always should. He has been bringing a friend to Sacrament meeting. Well, we had our first appointment with her. IT WAS AMAZING! As we entered her home, she showed us a Book of Mormon that she received. We asked how she got it and it turns out that her brother obtained it from missionaries sometime. He read THE WHOLE THING, and just loved it. So he’s coming to our next appointment..... so dang cool. Not to mention that we had a great appointment where she talked about being baptized :)

Another cool thing that happened is that the branch next to us was having a little conference with the topic if Israel, by someone who has lived there. Well it turns out one of our less actives was born there! We found out about the conference a couple hours before it started but we figured out a way to make it work. It was really cool to visit. We learned a lot about the Jews and the temple wall there in Israel. I was BLOWN AWAY with how similar it is to our religion. I really thought it was just so fascinating and so cool we were able to have the less active get really involved. :)

A member was really nice and drove us home from that event. Well, we ended up making an appointment with her and then took a walk in the botanical gardens (see photo). Then we made an apt with her friend. I just LOVE doing work with members because IT’S THE WAY TO DO IT! They have the friends, we have the badge, they have the flawless German, it’s a perfect team! :)

We went to a less-actives middle eastern restaurant for lunch one day. Not only was it really cool but Hillary Weeks music was playing in the back ground sweet!
This week, we helped someone move in and someone move out, I’m wearing my share of pants again :)

This week we met with a really cute elderly couple. They fed us a really Bayerisch Sunday dinner. I was STUFFED. But it was great, and way fun!

This was a quick bullet-point type of list summarizing just the main things I did this week, but really, there is a lot more detail and it was a great week. We see huge miracles in this city every week. IT’S SO COOL!

I love this work! I love these people and I am the luckiest sister in the world to be serving here, right now.

Have a great week!
Alles Liebe!

Sister Regnier

Botanical Gardens in Augsburg

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern!!!! (April 21)

Hallo! :)
The highlight of this week was being able to hear from Elder Evans. It was a real treat that only Munich zone got to taste. He said things that will change our lives. My favorite thing that he did was takes us through the Book of Mormon. We talked about how we should be having our investigators start at the beginning of the book of Mormon. Well its because we learn about everything in that first chapters from happy home to prophets and personal revelation. It was a big eye opener to me how important the Book of Mormon really is.

Another cool experience I had was to be able to see the Atonement really work in someone’s life. It was the coolest thing to see forgiveness and see an investigator see it is okay to move on and that just because one member of the church offended her, doesn't mean we're all that way.

This week one of the 2 young adults came with us and we visited many less active young adults to invite them to sportabend (sports night)! It was really fun to work with her as she is preparing to go on a mission herself. I think that anyone preparing to go on a mission should spend time with the missionaries, and when possible, do the mini missionary program.

This week I met an older member of the ward. She had my personality.... it was very interesting to see me in 40 years. She was so dang funny and I just got along with her great. We are meeting with her again and I hope that there will be a way to help her see that the church is great everywhere, not only in America. (I actually think church is better for the most part over here... :) )

This week we had a finding day in Kaufbeuren, we painted eggs to give to the ladies in the ward with no children. I just love doing service, we actually also got to help someone in our ward organize their home. When you are in the service of your fellow man, you ARE in the service of your God. I just think that that is exactly what Heavenly Father would do if he was serving right here beside me.

This week we spent some time up in Donauwörth. It was really cool because in a neighboring dorf (village) (where the biggest egg nest of the world is, see included picture), we met up with a member. We decided to go give a Book of Mormon to someone she had met. As we were driving we realized the weather was really nice (that means NO ONE IS HOME, ever) and so were worried we wouldn't find her home. As we were parking the car, the lady was walking along the river right in front of us. It was a really cool miracle. I was really happy that the member was there to witness it and see how Gods hand is really in this work. We then got to spend some time walking along the Donau. A year ago, I was moving into my apartment on the Donau, it brought me back.... funny how that happens. I feel like I was on the plane over here yesterday.

It was a great week and its time to get back to work!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! Easter is celebrated for 2 days here, so I can still say Frohe Ostern!!!! Also, I am OBSESSED with this video, but I actually like it in German better--

Love ya!
Alles Liebe,

Sister Regnier

Largest Nest Egg in the World

Monday, April 14, 2014

Time Flies in Augsburg (April 14)

Well, this week we got a call. A less-active member called to tell us her fianc√© wants to be baptized. HOLY COW! They both came to church and we will be starting to meet with them this week, HOW COOL IS THAT. Missionaries haven’t had contact for a while so it’s really cool.

This Sunday, our mission wide fast is that we review our area books to discover and contact someone who has been prepared to accept the Gospel. I am SO EXCITED!

We also fasted for Passau, because it’s going through a hard time. :(

Sunday was a really exciting day. We started out with church where I tried to meet all the members. President Miles and Sister Miles were there for Sacrament Meeting and we had a barbecue with them to break the fast, it was so fun! We then had district meeting (we had two this week!!) where Sister Miles talked about being healthy and having a clean apartment.. Those elders! :) We also got to have our interviews with President Miles. Meeting with President one-on-one is always great. He’s the best president ever - I learn so much from him!

The time here in Augsburg somehow goes even FASTER! Because we are both VERY new in the area, we have to do a lot of figuring out, and when everyone lives so far away, it’s a bit difficult. We have spent a lot of time on buses and have done a LOT of walking this last week.

One of our investigators owns a craft business. This week we stopped by to see how it was going. She was SO HAPPY to see us and I bought a new wallet with fabric from 1957 or something, its really cool. I also bought a Bayerisch chain. I was thinking today, I would love to pull a missionary from Berlin to serve in Bayern for a day and see if he could understand anything, it is just SO different.

Tomorrow, the Munchen (Munich) zone gets a treat. Elder Evans (a General Authority) is coming to speak to us. He is visiting our zone along with one other. It’s really cool because last time this happened I was also in the Munich Zone. I am one lucky duck.

The work is going great! Have a great week!

Sister Regnier

Mission President
President and Sister Miles

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I've been transferred!! (April 7)

Hallo :))
Wow, what a crazy week!! First, I have been transferred to Augsburg Germany. Back to Bayern!

Monday was the coolest Pday ever. We hiked in a small city to some waterfalls. It was so dang fun and intense. I was really, really sad to leave Graz, but I am really grateful I had the chance to serve there. I miss AUSTRIA!!!

On Tuesday we had zone training. Sister Allman and I did the training and we focused on teaching skills. It was really fun and we had some great discussions. I am actually very happy I wont have to be doing anymore “teaching in trainings” in zone meetings, :)  but fun while it lasted. I am now ready to just sit and soak it all in while others do it.

The last couple days were spent saying goodbye to the great people of Graz.
Transfer day was long, but it’s so fun to see so many missionaries. Coming to the Augsburg district, I don’t really know any of the missionaries so it will be cool working with other missionaries who I don’t know.

Well my first 3 days in Augsburg were all about Family History and General Conference. WOW. Pretty dang great. I am just so impressed with the ward here. The city of Augsburg had a big community program where the church participated in it. People came to see the church and go to Family History workshops. It’s REALLY COOL to see how people love their family and want to know where they come from. I am glad we have so much done, but we have a lot more to do!!!

It was so cool to see these members do missionary work. I have never seen such anxious members. I LOVE THEM. In conference, Elder Cook said: "The Hastening of the work includes the work for the dead. Don`t underestimate the effect of the dead." This work is so dang cool, and there are so many aspects of this work!!! Okay, General Conference! Some points I LOVED
    Elder Uchtorf can roll his r's like a German and it was SO DANG COOL when he was reading all the Spanish names. :)
    ALL of my questions were answered. Conference was really a spiritual experience for me.
    We talked a lot about LOVE and CHARITY
    A girl we met on the street came, and SHE LOVED IT
    Ballard was a great missionary and nachfassed!
    The prophets speak with the Spirit, that is undeniable to all!

Oh and also, we are working on starting a new branch in our area..... We brought it up with our Stake President. We’ll see how it goes... :)

Virtue starts with our thoughts. We have the agency to choose how we fill our thoughts, especially with idle thoughts. How we direct our thoughts MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

AGENCY is wonderful. When we have positive thoughts, the Spirit is with us. (positive thoughts, clean thoughts, productive thoughts)
Positive thoughts are also huge, we don’t need to beat ourselves down or think negatively of others--

D&C 121:45-46 this shows us what we need to do and what the blessings are, FOREVER!!!
D&C 25:10 we must lay aside the things of the world, there is so much better waiting for us.

The best part of any Christ-like attribute is that we have the atonement to help us become more Christ-like. When we are unvirtuous in any way, we have the opportunity to repent and become better. Here is a quote, from President Miles himself. "Don’t allow small sins to go unrepented of, because they will grow and then it will be harder and you will be less likely to repent."

"It doesn`t do any good to bring yourself down, how you handle the bad things can make or break you. Remember the Lords hands are in this." Sis Miles

 I would like to conclude with a quote I read this morning by Uchtdorf  "Godly sorrow inspires change and hope through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Worldly Sorrow pulls us down, extinguishes hope and persuades us to give in to further temptation."

We can be virtuous in all we do. We can have help from our Father in heaven. We have hard times, but don’t let your thoughts get the best of you. It´s your vote that counts!!!

Have a great week,

Sister Regnier