Monday, April 14, 2014

Time Flies in Augsburg (April 14)

Well, this week we got a call. A less-active member called to tell us her fiancé wants to be baptized. HOLY COW! They both came to church and we will be starting to meet with them this week, HOW COOL IS THAT. Missionaries haven’t had contact for a while so it’s really cool.

This Sunday, our mission wide fast is that we review our area books to discover and contact someone who has been prepared to accept the Gospel. I am SO EXCITED!

We also fasted for Passau, because it’s going through a hard time. :(

Sunday was a really exciting day. We started out with church where I tried to meet all the members. President Miles and Sister Miles were there for Sacrament Meeting and we had a barbecue with them to break the fast, it was so fun! We then had district meeting (we had two this week!!) where Sister Miles talked about being healthy and having a clean apartment.. Those elders! :) We also got to have our interviews with President Miles. Meeting with President one-on-one is always great. He’s the best president ever - I learn so much from him!

The time here in Augsburg somehow goes even FASTER! Because we are both VERY new in the area, we have to do a lot of figuring out, and when everyone lives so far away, it’s a bit difficult. We have spent a lot of time on buses and have done a LOT of walking this last week.

One of our investigators owns a craft business. This week we stopped by to see how it was going. She was SO HAPPY to see us and I bought a new wallet with fabric from 1957 or something, its really cool. I also bought a Bayerisch chain. I was thinking today, I would love to pull a missionary from Berlin to serve in Bayern for a day and see if he could understand anything, it is just SO different.

Tomorrow, the Munchen (Munich) zone gets a treat. Elder Evans (a General Authority) is coming to speak to us. He is visiting our zone along with one other. It’s really cool because last time this happened I was also in the Munich Zone. I am one lucky duck.

The work is going great! Have a great week!

Sister Regnier

Mission President
President and Sister Miles

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