Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm the Luckiest Sister in the World (April 28)

The first miracle I would love to talk about starts with a member, as it always should. He has been bringing a friend to Sacrament meeting. Well, we had our first appointment with her. IT WAS AMAZING! As we entered her home, she showed us a Book of Mormon that she received. We asked how she got it and it turns out that her brother obtained it from missionaries sometime. He read THE WHOLE THING, and just loved it. So he’s coming to our next appointment..... so dang cool. Not to mention that we had a great appointment where she talked about being baptized :)

Another cool thing that happened is that the branch next to us was having a little conference with the topic if Israel, by someone who has lived there. Well it turns out one of our less actives was born there! We found out about the conference a couple hours before it started but we figured out a way to make it work. It was really cool to visit. We learned a lot about the Jews and the temple wall there in Israel. I was BLOWN AWAY with how similar it is to our religion. I really thought it was just so fascinating and so cool we were able to have the less active get really involved. :)

A member was really nice and drove us home from that event. Well, we ended up making an appointment with her and then took a walk in the botanical gardens (see photo). Then we made an apt with her friend. I just LOVE doing work with members because IT’S THE WAY TO DO IT! They have the friends, we have the badge, they have the flawless German, it’s a perfect team! :)

We went to a less-actives middle eastern restaurant for lunch one day. Not only was it really cool but Hillary Weeks music was playing in the back ground sweet!
This week, we helped someone move in and someone move out, I’m wearing my share of pants again :)

This week we met with a really cute elderly couple. They fed us a really Bayerisch Sunday dinner. I was STUFFED. But it was great, and way fun!

This was a quick bullet-point type of list summarizing just the main things I did this week, but really, there is a lot more detail and it was a great week. We see huge miracles in this city every week. IT’S SO COOL!

I love this work! I love these people and I am the luckiest sister in the world to be serving here, right now.

Have a great week!
Alles Liebe!

Sister Regnier

Botanical Gardens in Augsburg

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