Monday, May 5, 2014

Here comes the BOOM (May 5)

This week, the München and Stuttgart zones got together and were able to hear from Elder Dyches. That was cool, I just love how much he talked about President and Sister Miles. Although everyone thinks their mission president is the best, I really do have the best. This next week will be the start of their last transfer. I bet that’s crazy for them. 

I think the most interesting experience I had this week was going to a catholic church. It was incredibly interesting. It was so different and now I know why everyone is always finds it so different when they walk into our churches doors. I have a lot of appreciation for the church this week. Yes, I am so grateful for the Gospel, but I am also so grateful for the organization of the church. I love that we meet in modest, heated buildings. I love that we stay around and chat. I love that we have personal connections with the other people we see in church. I love that we have programs for the youth and children. I just love it.

This week we had my first tausch (splits) here in Augsburg. Well after being in the area for 4 weeks, I got to go to and fro to a ton of appointments. Well they all fell out, in one day. BUT people have their agency. I just hope we will be able to make contact with them and continue on.

This week we had dinner with a member and one of her friends. IT WAS SO COOL. Also, its so not threatening. The members know how to do it! Just invite the missionaries, we have a chat about why we are here and BOOM. Missionary work in its finest. Its all about the members.

We visited the vegan restaurant again. Its owned by less actives, and has the best food. I could seriously eat there everyday. Great way to contact busy less actives :)

We do a sportabend every week. That means a night where we play sports. We had a great turn out. It’s such a great way to invite people to come, have fun, and see the church!

This week President and Sister Miles called us with a special little assignment. We will be organizing a musical fireside for the stake. We will be teaching the restoration by music, before you freak out, don’t worry, I am not singing. I just get to do the business part of it. SWEET. We are working really hard but its actually a BIG project. But sister smith and I are VERY excited about it. It should be a blast!! :)

Well that’s that.
Have a great week!
Love ya!

Sister Regnier

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