Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Heavenly Father is really showing us how it works (May 19)

Hallo Familie!
I must say, Augsburg is a city of miracles!!!! :)
The family we are teaching is progressing faster than we can keep up! This week, as we showed up to the appointment, we found that she had invited a friend to attend the lessons with her family. It was WONDERFUL.

I can't even comprehend how anyone cannot understand this work is the Lords, because He is just over here showing us miracles.
This week a member called us and invited us over, and invited a friend over. Then today, we had family home evening with a member and her non-member boyfriend. This is really good for this part of the world.

Heavenly Father is really showing us how it works. I just love how much the work is progressing in BAYERN. We went to a festival this week to help members of our district out. The church had a booth that invited people to the church (the same street as the festival! how cool) There, people were able to learn about how they can do genealogy and start their own family tree. It was so cool to talk with people. This one couple in particular was just so shocked with how much information I had, thank you dad and family! It's so cool to share something so near and dear to me with others.

I am really impressed with how many little miracles I am seeing every day.
I love this work.

Your wish is my command. Here are some photos of food.
One, sweet BBQ. The people in Bayern BBQ more than anyone!!!
Two, I made some maltaschen!
Three, Spätzle. I am determined to buy a Spätzle maker before I come home
These 3 are very common, sometimes weekly occurring meals. :)
But today we had the cutest brotzeit. bread time! Just some good cheese, meat, and bread.

Yeah the food here is great!

Love ya!

Sister Regnier

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