Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This week has been full of works and wonders!!! (May 26)

I need to figure out a better way to start these posts. You would think after how-ever-many-months months, I would come up with something better than “the time is flying or this week...” but I haven't. So this week.....

I have seen SO MANY MIRACLES. Sister Smith and I are working so hard on the musical and it just seems to be falling perfectly in place. This week we went up to Munich to meet with the Piano player and get everything straightened out. Afterwards, I felt so good, because finally, we had enough we could run a program and then it would just be improving from there. Well, friends and family, this musical is going to be great! I am so excited for it I just hope a lot of people come! Its a bit far from our ward, but hopefully some members will come to support us :) The fact that this was all put together in a matter of 4 weeks is a miracle.....

Also, I am just working over here with the most prepared person of my LIFE. So this week, we have our appointment and she has a list of all her activities to report on. NOT ONLY DOES SHE BRING HER OWN JOINT TEACHES, she also FOLLOWS-UP on herself!!!! Amazing. She received the RS manual last week, which has weekly lessons since the beginning of the year,  and has already caught up to where we are reading now. She’s researched everything on LDS.org and has even watched ALL the District Videos.... Ja, she would like to see her teaching record, awkward. But she LOVED IT. All she said was she will never be one of those type of investigators that don’t come to church or keep their commitments. She’s amazing! On Sunday, I was busy talking to members while she was integrating herself and her family in the ward, I see out of the corner of my eye someone caring a HUGE stack of books. It turns out to be our investigator with every all years of RS manuals, and any other book the Library had to offer..... It is amazing.

This week we did something really cool with our district. We all picked a problem we are having, one person texts their problem to everyone in the district and the district takes some personal study studying Preach My Gospel to answer their question. IT IS AMAZING. We are helping each other in such a cool way. It’s been a great way to unify and a great way to really care about someone else. Actually every problem we have had also relates to a problem I have on some scale. IT'S GENIUS. I love it.

This week we surprise visited a member. I learn something EVERYDAY, but this day I learned a lot. She informed us that if we want a happy home, we need to clean our windows. She actually gave us a ton of advice. I was just thinking how cool it is that we are learning so much for every part of our lives, spiritual and temporal.

This week has been full of works and wonders!!! I love every minute of it!

Sister Regnier

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