Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oh How Lovely Was the Morning (June 3)

Well, I am glad everyone wants to know about the Musical Fireside, because IT WAS AWESOME !! It was so, so much stress before hand, but everyone loved it and the Spirit was incredibly strong.

So what we did was teach the first missionary lesson through song. We would read a short paragraph composed from Preach My Gospel with music in the background then ask a question and answer it with a song. The climax of the fireside was Joseph Smith in the Grove. IT was so cool!!!  We had some sad music playing while we read about the apostasy, in the dark.  Then we had the choir singing oh wie lieblich war der Morgen (Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning) while a member was reading the Joseph Smith story and we played the movie without sound while opening curtains and turning the lights back on. IT WAS SWEET. I really loved it and I have such an appreciation for music. The way the music filled the room with the Spirit was seriously amazing. I have never witnessed that so strongly before.

So i feel like I brag about the members here a lot. This week, a member had us over to teach us how to bake cheesecake and invited her neighbor. We were able to share a spiritual message, and everyone enjoyed themselves! It was a really cool experience. Since then, members are calling us, inviting friends over, bringing them to activities like woman's conference, and more. It's seriously amazing! I hope I can follow their example when I go home. They set a really high bar.

Speaking of women’s conference. I saw sister Heumos, Lippman, and Sagmeister from my first area. It brought me to tears. MAN I love those members in Passau, they are my family. I also saw Sister Peterson, my MTC companion for the first time in a year. It was wonderful.

The day before the musical, Sister Smith and I received some very sad news. Our investigating family will no longer be meeting with us or coming to church. Hopefully the Spirit will touch them in a way to meet with us again. I love them way too much to give up. But it was a really hard day. I know that this gospel is Gods. I know he has a plan and I know he loves his children. I just really hope that they will see that again. It's the hardest thing when people don't want to progress anymore.... it kills me. Being a missionary is really hard.

Also, yesterday I saw a castle. This castle was supposed to be purchased by Michael Jackson, but the city, Donauworth, wouldn't sell it to him. haha funny stuff.

I hope you all have a great week!
Sis Regnier

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