Tuesday, July 29, 2014

TOGETHER bringing people closer to Christ! (June 9)

Hey Family!!!
So, today we went to Neuswanstein! So I literally have no time to email, I printed your emails off so I can read them tonight. It was great seeing you yesterday. 
I really enjoyed todays P-day. We were out and about and had SO MANY MISSIONARY OPPORTUNITIES! I loved it, I really think it’s due to the fact we were dressed in normal clothes. BUT I met a lady, her sons first wife’s kids are Mormon. Well they encouraged her to read the Book of Mormon, and she already got an answer!!! We were able to talk about modern day revelation all the way down. I LOVE THIS WOMAN! It was so great to just chat and she loved it. We also met a Mormon family from Alaska! They wanted to take us to lunch but we didn't have enough time, so they bought us drinks and ice cream. They were SO SO SO sweet. I believe you will be getting a picture from them. I really loved today, it was great to see how natural missionary work is! 

The week went well, it was a hard one, but I am learning a lot. I love working with members and TOGETHER bringing people closer to Christ!

I will write more next week. 

Sister Regnier

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