Wednesday, July 30, 2014

späzle press (July 28)

Well, this week was fun. With Sister Smith leaving, we are trying to squeeze as many appointments in as possible. It is pretty crazy!

I had a really spiritual experience this week when I noticed a weakness I had and I prayed for the help to get over it. Heavenly Father sent me the exact situation that was perfect for it. It was really hard in the moment, I was about to break, when everything ended up working out. Looking back, I realize it answered more than one prayer. Heavenly Father really works in interesting ways. I know I get stronger from my trials, and although I can't master a weakness overnight, I am grateful for everything he sends me so that I truly can turn them into strengths.
This week we met with our investigators that have been meeting with the missionaries for an eternity. Well for the first time, they came to church on Sunday, and they LOVED IT!!! It was awesome.

This week I had a lesson that was really interesting to me. We were on splits so I was with a member. I felt really impressed to ask if we could do an FHE with this family. She said no, it really surprised me because I felt really strongly to ask. But afterwards the member friend explained to me that she thinks that should be our new goal and we made a few plans to see what we could do. I thought it was so cool, because when I was staring to second guess a prompting, I got another witness from someone else’s words.

We have made our way through the list and got to start meeting with our ward secretary. He has no idea what was coming when we sat down for a couple hours and only got through the first four pages. We really know this ward.

We are really seeing so much progress with the less actives--it’s great! I really enjoy getting to know this ward better, inside and out.

It is really sad that Sister Smith is leaving. I have seen these members learn a lot from her. I have learned a lot from her. It will be weird from going to a very experienced companion to a brand new one. I am excited to see how our ward reacts.

It is starting to get weird. Everyone emails me about coming home, but I have not even been thinking about it because Sister Smith is going home, not me, well now that she’s leaving, I am next. Not fun.

We worked a bit in the Se___s garden again. They are the sweetest people ever! We were talking about how we wanted a späzle press so that we can make it in America and she bought us each one. SO cute! This ward really takes care of their missionaries. They talk to everyone at church, they are willing to go on joint teaches and they give us plenty of opportunities to do good.

Well, have a great week!
See ya later!
Love, sister Regnier

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