Wednesday, August 6, 2014

27 eating appointments! (Aug 4)

Well we had 27 eating appointments in the last 11 days. So if how we were doing correlated with the weight gain as it did in the olden days, I'm doing pretty good;) but really I am doing great! These have been a great couple days!!!! I Love Augsburg and everything in it. It was sad seeing Sister Smith leave. We have done a lot together and seen a lot happen here. It was cool because she came to church with her family on Sunday and a couple members had her family and the missionary over for dinner. It was schön (beautiful).

Saturday was a day. A mother and daughter are moving into our ward and we spent literally the whole day there. My body aches. I was so happy we were there, I don't know what they would have done with out us. It was really cool because the daughter was just baptized not too long ago, and we spent a lot of time with her. 

Interesting thing that happened this week. We were with a member and her two kids in her favorite cafe to eat her favorite chocolate cake. Her kids were winning a bit, not more than normal kids and it was a really loud restaurant so you couldn’t hear much. Anyway as we were getting ready to go the waitress came over and asked us to leave. I could not believe my ears. The world is corrupt if it's not okay for a baby to cry for a couple minutes in a family cafe..... so ridiculous. I would never expect that to happen. We were shocked! 

Sister Mehr is my new companion, she is awesome! It's really fun to be reminded how I was when I was brand new on the mission. I feel a heavy load of responsibility on me, more than I expected. Sending me a brand new missionary is probably the best thing God could do for me in my last transfer and for that I am grateful. Plus sister Mehr and I just have a blast :) 

Sister Regnier

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