Monday, August 25, 2014

Neuschwanstein and the other castle (Aug 18)

This week has been great. Our new investigator is progressing so quickly. It was so cool to meet with her and to feel how much love she had for God. She was very excited about the whole Joseph Smith story and came to all three hours of church this Sunday. She only has one day off a week, and she uses it to meet with us. It's really awesome teaching someone who is so prepared. 

This week we had zone training. It was weird to think the next one I have will be the week before I head home. 

I forgot if I mentioned last week. But there is a leak in the apartment above us. So 3 of our walls are pretty wet, and moldy. It stinks, but don’t worry, they said it’s not dangerous. It’s been hard dealing with this because it’s a whole new vocab and they speak with very thick dialect. But the problem was finally solved this week, and we just have to wait for the walls to dry. So funny the stupid little things that take our time when we are trying to save souls! 

This week a member had a breakfast so that we could have a spiritual thought with her friend, our investigator. This is someone who once was a member of the church. We were really disappointed when she left so quickly after we said we were now going to share a spiritual thought. You think someone is ready, and then they go on vacation with their boyfriend.... I HATE BOYFRIENDS: Another one of our investigators is planning on moving in with her boyfriend. It will really be a test to see if she wants to really accept the gospel and follow its teachings. 

We really did have a lot of appointments this week. It's been really cool to see the investigator work picking back up. Today, we mapped out all of the potential investigators we have not yet contacted, so that when we are close by, we can contact them. I hope we see success from that. 

A cool miracle we saw this week was with the lady I told you about last week, that I dropped her, then the next day I saw her in the bahn (train). Well the morning before we decided to pray and really set a goal that we would focus on asking for referrals. For the first time in my whole mission, we received a referral from an investigator. Its cool to see how goals and God go perfectly together :) 

Today, we visited Neuschwanstein. We toured the other castle, that no one can remember the name :) It was cool because I remember that I’ve seen it, but it was cool to really be able to enjoy the details. It's a beautiful place :) 


Sister Regnier

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