Monday, August 25, 2014

A lot of Success (Aug 25)

Last week we went to Neueschwanstein. Beautiful. 

Sister Mehr and I have been working pretty hard and trying to see the success of our labors. Wednesday was a pretty good sum up of this week. We had three appointments. The first one wasn't home. The second one dropped us before we could sit down. The third one was a miracle and we talked about baptism. So ist der Arbeit! (So is the work)

Luckily Sister Mehr and I are having fun. We see a lot of success and we see a lot of work that doesn't work how we'd like it to. It's been really fun to work together. With her right at the beginning of her mission and me at the end. We are trying to do everything. This includes trying new ways of contacting, find new ways to study, and try all the bread at bakeries.... I've sworn off any food that is not German. We are making the funnest meals, even if we end up having to call members to understand how to cook them ;) 

A pretty eventful day was our day in a small city called KISSING, cute right? haha. Well we contacted some less actives that lived there. Well on the way back, I had forgotten to stamp our ticket, so I told sister Mehr to hold the door and I ran to stamp it. I ran back as the doors lock and I see Sister Mehr's face of panic as she drives away, alone, in a train, no phone, and no ticket. I couldn't help but laugh. Everything worked out, it was just funny. Who knows what she wrote her family this week ;) 

This week we also visited a less active for the first time. She lives in the smallest dorf (village) I have ever seen. There is not even a grocery store, or a bakery in this town, and that’s saying something! It was really hard to see how much she’s suffering. Her sister in a different country is going through a lot. It is also beautiful to see how much strength someone can get out of reading the words from the prophets. This week we have been faced with a lot of people getting married to people they wish they hadn't. Sign for the soon returning sister Regnier? No idea. But, scary nonetheless. 

Sunday was the farewell for Le__. She is going to be the BEST SISTER EVER. She got up there and just talked about how excited she is. Then a member got up and talked about his mission. Well needless to say, I decided I am staying. I would give anything to just keep my name badge on and start all over. Maybe I'll convince Sister Mehr to give me her nametag, and she’ll be getting off the plane in a couple weeks in Oakland. Hört sich gut an (sounds good to me). Who wants to come home and get married anyway? I just have such a strong desire to serve. And those who have a desire are called to the work! Sooo.... I know I know, I still can serve when I get home..... I just would rather do it here. Something will work out I’m sure of it. 

Well that’s all I have to say. tschüss! (Bye)

Sister Regnier

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