Monday, August 25, 2014

Spätzle & Missionary Work (Aug 11)

It is a really interesting feeling, coming to the end of my mission. However, I know God is still watching over me and helping me make the best of it. 

This week I tried my hand at spätzle. It tasted great (not so attractive picture, but great food!) Definitely something I will be making often at home! 

We had interviews with the Mission President in München. President told me a few stories from his mission. He really was a cool missionary. Our mission will learn a TON from him. 

This week, we were helping in the Seifert's garden. Gardening is starting to be one of my favorite activities. We walked over to the neighbors just to see theirs. Well we just got talking and they are so awesome and want to see us again, SO EASY IS THAT FOLKS. 

So this week I got pretty discouraged. This discouragement leads to frustration. Well after asking someone a German question on the street and having them tell me to leave them in peace. I was pretty discouraged. A couple things happened so we were going to visit someone later than expected. But as I got into the bahn (train), who was sitting there but the potential I had given up on the night before. As soon as I sat down she was hugging me and asking if we could meet sometime. She told me when we met a month ago, she was having a pretty hard day, but she was a lot happier after talking to us and receiving the Book of Mormon. Well we finally have an appointment with her, and Sister Regnier feels stupid. But it just goes to show, missionary work is never for nothing. No matter how hard you try and don’t see success, there is success somewhere. 

This week the Relief Society had an activity of seeing a beautiful garden in Augsburg at night. We invited a girl that Sister Smith and I had met a while ago. She came and we had the best lesson ever. We ended up sitting down, talking about how God is our father and how we can pray to him and really receive answers in his creations. She came to church the next day and told me she would definitely be coming next week. When I asked if we could meet with her during the week, she couldn't have been happier. 

We had 2 investigators at church on Sunday. So yah, it was a good week.  Missionary work is the best, most rewarding kind of work. But it definitely takes a toll. I have NEVER been so tired as I am this week. I don’t even know how I am functioning. 

Love you! 

Sister Regnier

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