Wednesday, July 30, 2014

späzle press (July 28)

Well, this week was fun. With Sister Smith leaving, we are trying to squeeze as many appointments in as possible. It is pretty crazy!

I had a really spiritual experience this week when I noticed a weakness I had and I prayed for the help to get over it. Heavenly Father sent me the exact situation that was perfect for it. It was really hard in the moment, I was about to break, when everything ended up working out. Looking back, I realize it answered more than one prayer. Heavenly Father really works in interesting ways. I know I get stronger from my trials, and although I can't master a weakness overnight, I am grateful for everything he sends me so that I truly can turn them into strengths.
This week we met with our investigators that have been meeting with the missionaries for an eternity. Well for the first time, they came to church on Sunday, and they LOVED IT!!! It was awesome.

This week I had a lesson that was really interesting to me. We were on splits so I was with a member. I felt really impressed to ask if we could do an FHE with this family. She said no, it really surprised me because I felt really strongly to ask. But afterwards the member friend explained to me that she thinks that should be our new goal and we made a few plans to see what we could do. I thought it was so cool, because when I was staring to second guess a prompting, I got another witness from someone else’s words.

We have made our way through the list and got to start meeting with our ward secretary. He has no idea what was coming when we sat down for a couple hours and only got through the first four pages. We really know this ward.

We are really seeing so much progress with the less actives--it’s great! I really enjoy getting to know this ward better, inside and out.

It is really sad that Sister Smith is leaving. I have seen these members learn a lot from her. I have learned a lot from her. It will be weird from going to a very experienced companion to a brand new one. I am excited to see how our ward reacts.

It is starting to get weird. Everyone emails me about coming home, but I have not even been thinking about it because Sister Smith is going home, not me, well now that she’s leaving, I am next. Not fun.

We worked a bit in the Se___s garden again. They are the sweetest people ever! We were talking about how we wanted a späzle press so that we can make it in America and she bought us each one. SO cute! This ward really takes care of their missionaries. They talk to everyone at church, they are willing to go on joint teaches and they give us plenty of opportunities to do good.

Well, have a great week!
See ya later!
Love, sister Regnier

It really is amazing to see Gods Hand in this work (July 21)

Fastest email ever.

This week consisted of contacting even more less actives. It was AWESOME. We are seeing so much Progress. I am really excited for one in particular. He was baptized at 8, his mother died, and he grew up less active. He moved here and married. He didn’t even know there was a ward house here, and his wife said he was Protestant. BUT they want us to come back over. I AM SO EXCITED.
We are really seeing miracles. We had 3 less actives at church. Also, a Girl we met on the bahn contacted US and came to church. It really is amazing to see Gods Hand in this work.

Sister Smith and I are running around like crazy, trying to get as much done as we can. It is really fun and really rewarding!

Way to go on the swim meet Cali!!!
Have a great week!

Sister Regnier

Yeah, miracles are happening (July 14)

Well with Germany winning the World Cup and everything, everyone is freaking out. Haha and the missionary work continues!

The highlight of this week was meeting the coolest family in the world. We got a referral from a missionary who had lived with a family for a year. This Family lives forever away, but luckily we have the best gemeinde Missionarin (missionary community?) to take us there! We walked up to the door, klingeled, and an old lady opened the door. We tried to explain who we were and make the Connection to the missionary, who we only knew his last Name.... but she exclaimed JONNY, and told us to go around to the back of the house where her daughter and her family lived. Well, soon as I started to explain why we were here over the klingel, they immediately let us in. Then we talked a little in the entryway, and then they invited us upstairs for a Brotzeit (snack) and some drinks. WOW. We talked to this family for a while and I LOVE THEM. I seriously think they are the coolest family I have met on my mission. They are Mormon, they just aren’t baptized and drink beer like a Bayerisch man. BUT family is so important to them, and they agree with everything the church teaching. Luckily, this missionary from the states set the best example and so they had a lot of questions. I really enjoyed getting to know them. We will be meeting up again in August! Even though they don't want to be "taught," I have never seen so clearly someone’s potential in the church. THEY WILL BE AWESOME. More miracles to come.

So a week ago, I met this guy on a bahn. I invited him to the forth of July Party, but he couldn’t make it. Instead, he came to church yesterday! Wahoo! HE LOVED IT.  A high councilman spoke, and after he was done, he turned to me and told me he wanted to read the book. The whole time he was telling me reasons why he liked our church and how he wanted to learn the hymns and read the book of Mormon. He is seriously the coolest. I will not be surprised when he’s read a ton, watched all the Mormon Messages, and memorized the hymns before our first appointment. SO excited to meet with him! Also, we had three People WALK INTO CHURCH. Yeah, miracles are happening.

This week I had tausch (exchange) with a sister from Mongolia. I just loved talking with her, she was raised in such different conditions. She was raised in a tent! I learned a lot from her, and I am really grateful I could go on a tausch with her. Hearing about her life, then meeting with this referral family made me realize I really want to study in Germany for a while. I think it would be really cool to live with a non-mormon family and study and speak German. A lot of people do it over here, and it is a very appealing option to me right now. There is so much to do in life, and so little time, but just a thought. :)

Mit Liebe,
Sister Regnier

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4th of July Party in Germany :) (July 7)

This week I have decided I want a garden. I have been wondering that my whole Mission because Germans are so crazy about them, but this week, I know, I want one! We spent a day helping a Lady in our ward work on her Yard. I loved it. I noticed pretty early on during my Mission, I love the hands on work. I LOVE it.
Last week, we had the goal of finding, as a Zone(stake), 100 potential investigators and then ending it with splits on Tuesday. Happy to Report our Zone did work, and the Lord blessed us with 156 potentials! So cool! For the splits we went by on less active members, it was so useful. We had two less actives that we visited between the four of us come to church! WOW!  

This week we got to meet our new Mission President. He is so cool! His Family is sweet! It was so uplifting to hear the two children talk about their experiences and how it feels to come here, leaving all of their Family, friends, and life to come to a foreign high school and have missionaries as friends. They are really a great example of faith. I am really excited to work with President Kohler. I think his views on missionary work are exactly what are Mission Needs. Work will be done.

Sister Smith and I decided to Dress appropriately in red White and blue! It was the same day as the France vs. Germany Soccer game.... Incase that didn't click, the French Colors are also red White and blue...... haha we got weird looks in the trams. BUT the party was great. The soccer game was projected on the wall, horse rides and water activities outside, and tons of food. Everyone came: People of the street, old investigators, less actives, investigators, members, neighbors. It was awesome. Throwing parties is really a fun part of missionary work :)

The next day at church was just so fun! Everyone seemed to be so happy and united. Everyone was so grateful that the missionaries threw such a fun Party. Next activity- Family Dance activity or an Ausstellung (exhibition) in Donauworth! LOVE IT.

I love this ward.

Have a great week!

-- Love,

Sister Regnier

I am so grateful for the Spirit (June 30)

Wow, I thought it was crazy how much happened at home this week, but then I think how much happened to us this week! This was a week of happening all over the world.

Monday- we taught the part member family we teach every Monday. This week we taught 10 commandments. It’s really fun to teach kids!

Dienstag- We printed out of 4th of July invitations had district meeting and had a finding day. It was cool because we sent our district out with invitations and they went by on our old investigators. (The forth of July party is going to be sweet). Oh, I also had a really funny contact this day. I was sitting next to this guy at the bus stop and just started chatting with him. Well he found it weird, about 1/3 of the people find it abnormally strange, but he went on to tell me he doesn’t need a psychologist who is going to ask him how he’s doing and stuff.... I felt SUPER awkward. Then I couldn’t decide whether to just stop talking to him or continue. Well the Spirit lead me to the topic of conversation. Turns out he’s super passionate about teaching math and history. We had a really long great conversation and at the end he told me thanks for the conversation.... so funny. Oh people.

Mittwoch- Today we helped an old lady in the ward clean her apartment, had an appointment with a member, and met with the bishop. Busy day. On the way to the bishops, there were drunken people passing out in the gated churches property. It was really weird, but really cool to help them. Maybe one day they will remember the nice missionaries who helped, chances are they won’t remember, so we left a note on their bikes... haha Thinking about these little specific things really shows how fun/funny missionary work sometimes is.

Donnerstag- the bus and bahn system was on strike.... well that makes it hard to be a missionary. We planned with a member fro 4th of July. Visited a family and then went and watched the soccer game with bishops his family and his neighbors. Soccer is incredibly boring. But Germans are CRAZY and we are allowed to watch 2 games when a less active or nonmember is there. Germany won.... but it was quite boring. Get back to real work.... haha

Friday- the day of the filmabend! IT went so well! So many members came and brought friends or family that are not members. I loved it!! Everyone was able to see that the missionaries know how to do it and got really excited for our party this week and are going to even bring more friends! It’s awesome! Afterwards, the elders were helping us bring the mattress back to the apartment. Well, we ended up playing a game with our neighbors and they are going to start coming to English class and our activities and THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH US. WOW God works such miracles, we work our hardest, and he just puts people in our lap! It's awesome!

Saturday was interesting and a huge eye opening day for me. I can't explain too much. But we met with the bishop from a few years back, who is no longer active and has a very interesting story. Our ward may or may not have told us not to visit them, but the Spirit told us otherwise..... It was awesome and definitely the best thing we did all week. After, we had GMK we ate my favorite food. Rolladen. So dang good. :)

I am so grateful for the Spirit and that it leads us what to do and tells us as missionaries what will be most effective.

Who knew throwing a party we cant even go to would help our ward so much.....
I love this work.

Love you,

Sister Regnier