Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Filmabend and Fischerstechen Fest (June 23)

Well I have been having such crazy p-days, it's really nice to have one to just do the normal p-day stuff!

This week we really had fun. 

On Friday, we will be putting on a filmabend (movie night) in the churches attic! It’s been really fun to prepare that and get the ward excited for that, as well as out 4th of July party.

One of my favorite things we did this week is go visit a member who lives far away. I don't think she invites the missionaries over very much but it was really fun to strengthen our relationship with her. We will be going back to do some service, it's just so awesome to form relationships with the members out here. After eating, she took us to the town to the Fischerstechen Fest. They have it every year and it’s so cool! It is jousting, but instead of using horses, they use boats! It was quite the activity.

This week we also had a picnic with a less active and spent a holiday with a member family and a new convert. This is starting to be WAY too much fun. The best part about it is that no matter where we go. If we are doing it smart, we meet the coolest people and make the biggest difference. I love this work and I love serving here in Augsburg!!!

I love helping this ward and having contact with less actives that haven’t had contact with the church in a long time. As members, that really is our duty, to help these sheep come and remember how beautiful the light is. 

Love ya!

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