Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yeah, miracles are happening (July 14)

Well with Germany winning the World Cup and everything, everyone is freaking out. Haha and the missionary work continues!

The highlight of this week was meeting the coolest family in the world. We got a referral from a missionary who had lived with a family for a year. This Family lives forever away, but luckily we have the best gemeinde Missionarin (missionary community?) to take us there! We walked up to the door, klingeled, and an old lady opened the door. We tried to explain who we were and make the Connection to the missionary, who we only knew his last Name.... but she exclaimed JONNY, and told us to go around to the back of the house where her daughter and her family lived. Well, soon as I started to explain why we were here over the klingel, they immediately let us in. Then we talked a little in the entryway, and then they invited us upstairs for a Brotzeit (snack) and some drinks. WOW. We talked to this family for a while and I LOVE THEM. I seriously think they are the coolest family I have met on my mission. They are Mormon, they just aren’t baptized and drink beer like a Bayerisch man. BUT family is so important to them, and they agree with everything the church teaching. Luckily, this missionary from the states set the best example and so they had a lot of questions. I really enjoyed getting to know them. We will be meeting up again in August! Even though they don't want to be "taught," I have never seen so clearly someone’s potential in the church. THEY WILL BE AWESOME. More miracles to come.

So a week ago, I met this guy on a bahn. I invited him to the forth of July Party, but he couldn’t make it. Instead, he came to church yesterday! Wahoo! HE LOVED IT.  A high councilman spoke, and after he was done, he turned to me and told me he wanted to read the book. The whole time he was telling me reasons why he liked our church and how he wanted to learn the hymns and read the book of Mormon. He is seriously the coolest. I will not be surprised when he’s read a ton, watched all the Mormon Messages, and memorized the hymns before our first appointment. SO excited to meet with him! Also, we had three People WALK INTO CHURCH. Yeah, miracles are happening.

This week I had tausch (exchange) with a sister from Mongolia. I just loved talking with her, she was raised in such different conditions. She was raised in a tent! I learned a lot from her, and I am really grateful I could go on a tausch with her. Hearing about her life, then meeting with this referral family made me realize I really want to study in Germany for a while. I think it would be really cool to live with a non-mormon family and study and speak German. A lot of people do it over here, and it is a very appealing option to me right now. There is so much to do in life, and so little time, but just a thought. :)

Mit Liebe,
Sister Regnier

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