Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I am so grateful for the Spirit (June 30)

Wow, I thought it was crazy how much happened at home this week, but then I think how much happened to us this week! This was a week of happening all over the world.

Monday- we taught the part member family we teach every Monday. This week we taught 10 commandments. It’s really fun to teach kids!

Dienstag- We printed out of 4th of July invitations had district meeting and had a finding day. It was cool because we sent our district out with invitations and they went by on our old investigators. (The forth of July party is going to be sweet). Oh, I also had a really funny contact this day. I was sitting next to this guy at the bus stop and just started chatting with him. Well he found it weird, about 1/3 of the people find it abnormally strange, but he went on to tell me he doesn’t need a psychologist who is going to ask him how he’s doing and stuff.... I felt SUPER awkward. Then I couldn’t decide whether to just stop talking to him or continue. Well the Spirit lead me to the topic of conversation. Turns out he’s super passionate about teaching math and history. We had a really long great conversation and at the end he told me thanks for the conversation.... so funny. Oh people.

Mittwoch- Today we helped an old lady in the ward clean her apartment, had an appointment with a member, and met with the bishop. Busy day. On the way to the bishops, there were drunken people passing out in the gated churches property. It was really weird, but really cool to help them. Maybe one day they will remember the nice missionaries who helped, chances are they won’t remember, so we left a note on their bikes... haha Thinking about these little specific things really shows how fun/funny missionary work sometimes is.

Donnerstag- the bus and bahn system was on strike.... well that makes it hard to be a missionary. We planned with a member fro 4th of July. Visited a family and then went and watched the soccer game with bishops his family and his neighbors. Soccer is incredibly boring. But Germans are CRAZY and we are allowed to watch 2 games when a less active or nonmember is there. Germany won.... but it was quite boring. Get back to real work.... haha

Friday- the day of the filmabend! IT went so well! So many members came and brought friends or family that are not members. I loved it!! Everyone was able to see that the missionaries know how to do it and got really excited for our party this week and are going to even bring more friends! It’s awesome! Afterwards, the elders were helping us bring the mattress back to the apartment. Well, we ended up playing a game with our neighbors and they are going to start coming to English class and our activities and THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH US. WOW God works such miracles, we work our hardest, and he just puts people in our lap! It's awesome!

Saturday was interesting and a huge eye opening day for me. I can't explain too much. But we met with the bishop from a few years back, who is no longer active and has a very interesting story. Our ward may or may not have told us not to visit them, but the Spirit told us otherwise..... It was awesome and definitely the best thing we did all week. After, we had GMK we ate my favorite food. Rolladen. So dang good. :)

I am so grateful for the Spirit and that it leads us what to do and tells us as missionaries what will be most effective.

Who knew throwing a party we cant even go to would help our ward so much.....
I love this work.

Love you,

Sister Regnier

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