Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Week (November 4)

Well that's an interesting subject, because, let's be honest, no one cares about Halloween here. No one even knocked on our door. I was really hoping. Here in Austria, they are already getting set-up for Christmas. haha

Last Monday, I had a wonderful experience with a family in my ward. One of the members that Sister K didn't really know invited us over. Once we FINALLY got there, we had a wonderful evening. They have a son with a couple problems that I don't know the proper names. He is in a wheelchair, and not able to talk or do anything for himself. I can see how that would be very hard on a family. However, this mom was wonderful. She sat there, feeding him while trying to make conversation with us, but it was obvious where her priorities were. When her husband came home for work, he immediately went and greeted us, kissed his wife, then took their 18 year old child out of his chair and cuddled with him on the couch just talking to him. He didn't care that his dinner was on the table, his first priority was his family. While we gave our spiritual thought, he sat there giving his son love and letting him know that he was there and that he loved him. This young man had something probably along the lines of Down Syndrome when he was younger, but after he had learned to walk at about age 5, he had a seizure that put him in the wheelchair for the rest of his life. As I was sitting there, observing this wonderful family, I had tears in my eyes. The way they acted, was perfect. It made me think about how our Father in heaven loves us that way, and he will give us what we need. We all need different things and he is able to give us all what we really need. It was truly a wonderful experience.

A miracle I saw this week was with a less active. We decided to bring by some cookies. We have gone by before, but she has never been there. This time however, she was there, and she invited us in! We were able to have a nice conversation and it was great to see her willing to talk to the missionaries!

We also had an appointment with another less active this week. She is from Peru and married an Austrian who is not a member. We went over there to teach, but stayed to serve. It was really fun. They were preparing to go to a birthday party where she was in charge of making all the food. She was behind schedule, but it gave us an awesome opportunity. Her husband was very surprised how willing we were to stay and help. Really, it wasn't too hard of a decision :) We got to learn how to make some Peruvian treats and have some fun. I actually ate something, couldn't tell you what it's called, but it is the best thing I have EVER eaten.

Well we had a very interesting day this week. It started with a lesson with our neubekehrt (new member of the church). While we were sitting on his porch, the Jehovah’s Witnesses came up. Can you say awkward? I guess they have been making regular visits. Charles doesn't know what to do, because he is "supposed to be Christ like and let people into his house"... but he doesn't want to talk to them.... He was asking us what the bishop would do in such a situation. Haha..  We then we went over to our members for a member lesson. And a catholic Priest, black robes and all, is sitting at her kitchen table. Haha, it was without a doubt, the most interesting lesson I have ever had. He was very curious about a lot of things. He was very impressed by the missionaries. We even watched a talk from conference. Good lesson. He even asked to take a picture with us afterwards.

Another awkward experience... The elders had found a potential they were very excited about. She lives alone so they asked us to go to her house. We did, and we did not get a word in for an hour and a half. You are crazy if you think I was able to concentrate to understand her thick steierisch accent for that long. We just kept trying to talk, but she talked and talked and talked. Now I know how people feel when they talk to me! Finally, she took a breath long enough for me to squeeze in that we had to go. But then she decided to give us a tour of her house and eat everything she had to offer. haha, people can be so fun. I LOVE meeting new people. haha

I came across a quote I really enjoyed this week- "Don't worry about how inexperienced you are, or think you are, but think about what with the Lord's help, you can become" Eyring. The man knows his stuff.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Sister Regnier

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