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Passau is sinking! (June 3)

Thanks so much for the package! I told my companion, I bet you there are dried apricots in there, of course, thanks for always knowing what I want! (someone made us this really yummy homemade thing with dried apricots in it and gave us the apple thing, but we really wanted apricots to go with it, so it was PERFECT. Plus its super healthy! )

I am so excited for Collette! That is amazing! I wish I could be there! Send lots of pictures and let her know that I know she is making the best decision of her life!

Let me catch you up on Passau.

So Saturday morning, as we were walking across the Donau bridge (as we do about 4 - 6 times a day) we noticed that the river has flown over the river-walking path! Crazy! It has been raining, a lot. After a restless night of hearing ambulances ALL NIGHT, we walked to church. Let me tell you. European emergency vehicles DO NOT sound like America’s. They are the most annoying things ever. Anyways, walking to church. The river had overflown! Into hotels, houses, and parking garages. It was eye opening. Throughout the day, it got worse and worse. Schwester Lippman, who lives near another river, showed us pictures that morning of how the water was a foot away from the bridge. Everyone is a little worried. We went to bed with the water not even close to reaching our street, so we were not too worried. However, nothing compares to waking up this morning. We had planned to do a district PDAY and go to Landshut. However, we looked out the window and knew we had to stay. The water had completely gone over both streets/driving ramps in front of our house. The water level is slowly creeping up to our apartment complex. People are trapped in their houses everywhere. We see stranded cars and floating furniture. I can't even describe it. I have NEVER seen anything like this. It is a natural disaster, and it took me awhile to understand that it is happening to me! Luckily we are friends with a girl that lives below us. She txt us telling us that we are not to drink the water from the tap. So after getting some calls done. We frantically started to pack just incase. We are supposed to be moving into a new apartment by the next transfer (here in Passau) so we are trying to move today, but phone calls are not currently going through. :( We will see what happens. We knew we better get some food supplies plus our weekly shopping. However, turns out our grocery store is also flooded... so we had to go to one near the church (super expensive, unfortunately) and get some food stock and water. I've never seen so many people buying groceries and big things of water. On the way to the bus, we found out downtown is flooded. Everyone has spent the last two days walking around viewing everything that is happening (unfortunately, they are not in the mood to talk about the gospel.. haha). I am hoping this will provide Sister Garrett and I with some service experiences. We are trying to figure out how we can help. I've seen a couple people walking, or swimming, to get out of their house. Some places are trapped because they can't get to a bridge. It is weird this all happened in 3 days. I feel bad for anyone that was on vacation (as it was just 2 weeks off of school) and came back to this.
I'm betting we will be on some news things, we are always walking around :)
We are supposed to be teaching about Mormon faith in a school class on Wednesday. Turns out school is canceled this week, the school is partly underwater. I was rather excited for that, but we will do that next week.
"Passau-living on three rivers" is really now just one. haha

On Sunday, we were dooring and I heard an evacuation siren. I've heard these things in movies, but I think that is what made me realize that this is serious. We heard another one while giving a lesson. But they were both far away from our living area.

The picture with two red cars is taken from standing right in front of my apartment
In the other one you can see someone walking through the water (same area, just closer up)

Anyways, enough of the weather. Haha

So this week has been a hard one. On Thursday, all three of our appointments didn't show up... It was pretty sad. Dad, you asked how many teaching appointments we do a week. Our average right now is 4 or 5. We had some awesome finding opportunities this week. One that I am VERY curious about- we were klingiling and we said we're missionaries and such. And he responded he would like to talk to us but he is alone. This was weird. Sister missionaries have not been in this area long (never been to this side of Passau), and we have no idea why he would say he was alone other then if he knew our rules. I am quite excited to revisit (we did the next day, but no answer). We also went to an area where elders previously had a lot of success. We got a couple potentials. Yesterday, we hiked up this MOUNTAIN. Okay, not really, but it was the biggest thing I have walked up since being at BYU. Out of breath, we finally got to an old untersucher's house. It was so pretty! I believe I have a picture I will attach. However, he no longer lived there. But many neighbors would say, oh yeah, 2 men in black suits showed us that book before. haha, Little do they know, we know that. So yeah, we have done quite a bit of finding.

A fun lesson we had this week was our dinner appointment with the Sagmeisters. (To answer your question we usually go to their house once a week, so one dinner appointment a week.) We taught them about the Articles of Faith. We decided to make a challenge. So we are all trying to memorize them and have a competition next week. Sister Garrett and I are on a SLIGHT disadvantage.... But it's crazy. Because memorizing these things shows Heavenly Father is helping me. Everyone knows how bad I am at memorization and spelling. I mean I have been trying to memorize DC4 my whole mission and I only have the first 3 verses. However, I asked for help from our Father in Heaven, and I am getting one down for a portion of my study, or even on a train ride. It's so cool! But, others would say competition drives me... haha. But I am way to busy to care. haha. Fun fact from that. Bru. Sag. gave the first hour lesson. What did he do it on? The articles of faith! and ways to remember them! so cool right?
I thought it would be a great thing for family home evening and to help Cali! So I'll share!
1- God, Jesus, and Holy Ghost(ha, when I first wrote that, it was auf Deutsch!) are 1 in purpose
2- Adam and Eve, 2 people
3- atonement- 3 crosses on a hill
4- there are 4 laws
5- there are 5 fingers on the hand-handauflegen
6- the word used in German is Urkirche- I think primitive church in English- and Ur sound like the word for hour. On the old churches they have clocks on them, and the picture is 6oclock.
7- a gift for each day
8 if you stack your BOM and bible on top of each other, it looks like an 8
9- looks esp. like a German showerhead. the revelation comes from above, like a shower
10-  10 tribes
11- German ones (dad can probably show you) look like two little buildings, a church- you can worship where you want
12- the king is 1 and the little number two is someone bowing to them
13- mentions 13 things and there are 13 commas ( well at least in German)

We just got a txt from our neighbor! they cut the electricity and water! Oh man, we need to get home soon. haha, we have the washer running, I wonder what happened.

So best thing that happened this week!
A less active, which I have spoke of before (ran away from us etc.) let us in. We talked about her family. However, then she asked if we could talk on spiritual things. She has said she got baptized because her husband. But she really wants a testimony. So I am so so so excited to start teaching her! Unfortunately, she is gone for the next three weeks. But when she returns, it will be awesome!
Another wonderful thing! We were dooring and met this cute lady! She is catholic, but was so excited to take a BOM and couldn't believe we were giving it to her for free. We told her we would come back next week to talk about it. I am really excited! I will finally give a lesson in German! Other than talking to the members I have yet to give a lesson in German because all the people we teach are auslanders (foreigners), and don't know German.

Also, the random lady that showed up at church with her dog? She came again, we finally got her phone number and will be visiting her this week, if the trains allow..... that could be a problem.

So for your questions.
No, we ate normally, the sausage was just REALLY good. haha, maybe it's in the air. Or Sch. Sagmeister is just the best cook ever.
I will be giving my talk later this month. We pick the topic. Mine is on the action of faith. Sister Garretts was on peace and hope (That I was asked to bear my testimony on)

Austausch usually lasts for 24 hours. However, because we are now supposed to exchange with the coordinating sisters (new sister missionary leadership position) and the closest ones are far away. So I spent a lot of time on the train so ours lasted over 3 days. But I was only really there doing work for one, the others were morning routines or traveling. I was in Neumarkt. or something spelled similar. I have no idea where that is :)

I don't really feel that my German is improving. However, I can understand a lot more. But some people talk so differently. I met someone from north Germany, she was SO EASY to understand! haha I am in one of the hardest accent places though. Sister Garrett says I am improving... but I mean, I was asked to read something at church, and it sounded awful. haha I am pretty sure no one even knew what I said. It's really hard not to get mad at myself-especially when people say they can't understand me, or their favorite phrase " I didn't understand a word you said" haha. But I just got to keep going along. Hopefully it will come! I got a letter from Sister Peterson, she pretty much feels the same way. It was nice to hear that how I am feeling isn't any different then other new missionaries.

I am getting to know the members better. They are warming up to me and being a little more understanding of my German. I think only one other missionary was ever "born" here.

Sister Garrett and I are getting along great. It is crazy how similar we are.
Good job for feeding both of the missionaries ;) My mouth was watering.  It's crazy how much I crave Mexican food. I wish they had something up here! Just the turkey döners, which are more popular in Germany anyway haha. BTW, I know I shouldn't have a business mindset while I am on my mission. But if I opened up a food shop it would totally be that. Everyone LOVES them. I wonder why no RMs have done it. I wonder how you get the meat.... hmm. Maybe, I'll eventually look into that ;)

Anyways, We just got ahold of Sch. Heumos so we are moving into the new apartment today! Perfect timing! haha but I still think we wont be able to drink the water, it's not that much higher than downtown. But everything is fine. I am safe. We have the senior couple calling us and keeping us updated making sure we are safe. They are SO cute!

As always, I hope this makes sense. I don't really go over and re read it, but I think you would understand. Also I am getting more used to this keyboard which is nice so I can type faster.

I love you very, very much!
Soak up some sun for me, cause you know, this rain is not for me. I bundle up more than anyone... haha some Germans just go around in leather jackets. Crazy? yes. but they also don't stay out all day.

Sister Regnier

Ps, if there are interesting things on the Passau news, I would love to hear it. We are so out of the loop! Even though we live right on the river!

Miranda is standing in front of her apartment-the flooding is THAT close!

13 Articles of Faith "Helps"

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