Monday, June 24, 2013

I was BLOWN AWAY by his testimony (June 24)


Like always, I can't believe it is already Pday, the end of Pday in fact. These weeks are going way to fast. When dad told me I've been on my mission for 3 months, I freaked out a little ;) I think I might just stay out here for a while until I FEEL like it has been 18 months. Sadly, that was not the change... haha. Speaking of which, you both asked many questions regarding the broadcast. Well I just found out 20 min ago. As the broadcast was in the middle of the night, and we had an appointment this morning, I was just able to log on to and read the summary. It was not really a surprise though, Sister Garrett and I thought of many more unrealistic things, but we knew that would be it all along. The branch pres. has said that we will watch it this Sunday. Hopefully I will get as much out of it as you guys did, since it will be auf Deutsch.

We got an email saying "In Bezug auf die „ Hastening the Work of Salvation“ Übertragung, Präsident Miles möchte es so, dass wir es mit der Gemeinde anschauen.  Besprechen Sie das mit dem Bischof. Wir haben viele neue und tolle Möglichkeiten, um Missionsarbeit zu tun aber bitte verwenden Sie diese Werkzeuge nicht, bis wir mehr darüber herausfinden (z. B. Facebook). Wir werden Ihnen alle Bescheid geben, wenn wir mehr davon wissen."
(In relation to the “Hastening the Work of Salvation“  Transmission, President Miles says that we look at it with the community, and discuss this with the bishop. We have many new and fun ways to do missionary work but please do not use these tools until we find out more about it (eg Facebook). We will give you all know when we know more about it)
And that is all I know. I'm betting it will take a while to get here, but since Sister Miles is Elder Nelson's daughter.... haha jk. I have no idea, honestly, I don't understand how we will have time for it. I know it is inspired and will definitely help. Dad, you talked about using the ward house more... Well I don't know what was said but we are actually planning a tour for people to look at the house in 2 weeks. Our English class starts on the 3rd (we're planning a 4th of July party for our fist day, our GML is going ALL OUT, cracks me up). So, we actually use the ward house a lot and have access to the computers here.

As for music guidelines, our mission just says follow the white handbook (uplifting). A lot of people listen to a lot of different things. Personally, I would like to stick to LDS artists, Enya however, I would make an exception for ;) However, we don't have a music player in this apartment. Sister Garrett and I are dying. The new apartment is awesome. We often eat dinner on our deck. And it's just wonderful in general (except all the stairs, I have a hate/love relationship with them). The work is going great with the Elders, I'm still getting used to it though, it's weird we have seen them a couple times. Plus one is a German master, so the ward flocks to him, haha. I think it's great though, it will give us opportunities to teach in the church if it's raining. The clean up is still going, but people have kind of died out in helping, as the water is no longer the problem.

So I know I always talk about the weather, and that is dumb, but that is how this week started. I have never felt so hot in my life... big change from swimming. The buses are disgusting. On Monday, the bus was JAM packed, and the guy next to me had his armpit in my face. Ugh. I am positive the ice cream store owners are living pretty high right now. And everyone was wearing swimsuits. I have never felt so much humidity. It was seriously gross.... plus I ran out of American deodorant.....haha. And now, it's raining. This place is less predictable than Utah.

Monday, I tried on my first pair of lederhosen (see below). PS, this is what I must buy while I am in Europe. so so cool.

We got to teach a less active that we have been trying to teach, he just moved to Passau, so it will be a lot easier! I was BLOWN AWAY by his testimony. Since we have never met with him, we decided to review the restoration and talk about scripture study. When we asked what he remembered from when the missionaries taught him, he recalled the littlest details, so that plan went down the drain. He also studies the scriptures like no bodies business. And THEN someone started talking to us, and he just went into missionary mood. Inviting him to meet with us, or him and read the Book of Mormon. Seriously, the coolest guy ever.

Wednesday, we finally got to teach at the high school! It was so fun! We answered their questions and it was really fun. And extremely interesting that all of them were baptized and none go to church and some admitted to not believing in God. They were all really respectful even when asking about chastity and the word of wisdom. I really had a nice time.

On Thursday, we went to Deggendorf to serve (that is a city in our area that got hit by the floods the worst I believe). It was really fun and we met a wonderful girl on the train from München who wants to start going to the Young Single Adult activities! She came along and helped us and a few other missionaries. Along the lines of service, we did another project in Passau. We were scraping ruined paint. So everyone talks about muscle memory, but you don't really understand it until you are falling asleep on the bus, and all of a sudden you start scrapping paint off the air... haha.
So yes, we are still doing service, but not near as much.

About our Untersucher with a tauftermin (main investigator). He is doing great! One of our lessons this week was the Ten Commandments and it was so fun! He is willing to stop using the Lords name in vain and follow all of them. He said, "Once someone learns one of God's commandments, he is held accountable to follow them." Well law of Chastity is up this week :) He seriously brings me so much joy. Every time we end an appointment I am smiling ear to ear! He really sees the gospel playing a role in his life. And it's AWESOME.

Sunday was of course amazing! We had the less active that I mentioned earlier, our untersucher, and a potential come to church!!! It was a full house! Specially now with 4 missionaries. As the less active and untersucher speak English, we held a class. We watched the Joseph Smith movie, and talked about prayer. It was great. The spirit was so so strong! Afterword’s, we went by on a former investigator, who was not there. But, the Lord had to get us over there somehow. We were dooring their neighbors, and a lady answered the door and invited us in for tea/koffee time. Okay, it was so sweet!! We drank applesaft on their porch, overlooking ALL OF PASSAU. Talked about everything (Passau, the differences from America & Germany, them living in Alabama, them visiting TEMPLE SQUARE, the flood, the restoration, the plan of salvation) Yeah, EVERYTHING. It was seriously so cool. I know they have potential, they are amazing people! I can't wait to go by again!

This morning, we went to go teach someone from Taiwan (I have no idea how to spell that). We had a member who speaks Chinese with us. It was a really interesting appointment. Although, we didn't say that much. It was really cool. I don't know how we are going to teach them, but it was a cool experience. They are just looking for a religion, and wanted to "test out the Mormons." Little did they know, they don't need to look any further. Their kids were the cutest! I really wish I could have gotten a picture. They were SO CUTE.

Anyways, that is the highlights of my week. I'm loving this work, God's work.

On a spiritual note, I love reading past conferences. I do this during meal times, and it's so cool. It's cool to see things like small temples being announced and know how much they changed everything. It is also interesting seeing the same warnings. These prophets are called of God. They are inspired men, that I know sincerely seek to know what we need to hear. I would encourage you to spend time reading old talks. I really enjoy them!

Have a great week!
Love you lots!

Sister Regnier


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