Monday, July 1, 2013

I can't believe this transfer is almost over (july 1)

Can you believe I have been here so long! wow!

So this week, well it wasn't too interesting…

We had dinner at the Sagmeister's on Tuesday. They invited our main investigator! It was so fun to have them all together! We talked about service. I about started crying when we shared a scripture and he commented with everyone sitting there. It was just awesome. It was also cool because Schwester Sagmeister has given us a referral, and she was there too! Yeah, it was awesome and very crowded :)

So teaching our investigator went so wonderful this week! He told us that he would really like to serve a mission. "I would especially like to go to Africa, because they really need it. They still worship trees and rivers and stuff." He also thinks missions should be longer. He has the best heart. We taught on Chastity. It was an awesome lesson. Before we even got to all the blessings, he was pointing them out. It was so cool. He also told us that we must really study well, because we know the commandments well. Unfortunately, his previous date does not work. But everything is set for the 20th! I am so excited. It's really cool that we met him the first week I was in Passau, and He will be baptized on possibly the last (or the last week I am in training). We went through a lot of details on Baptism this week. And I just know he is so ready to make these covenants. It is really an awesome thing, to see someone ready for this, someone that is choosing salvation. Anyways, I could talk about him for hours. But he is doing great.

We went over to a member’s house this week. We taught her on my most favorite subject. Temples and Family History. (Some seriously hard Vocabulary FYI). It was an awesome lesson. Afterwards, she told us that she continually procrastinates the temple work of her sister (its a big trip to go to the temple). However, she decided right then and there that she would go to it! It was awesome.

We met a quite interesting guy this week. He had some very interesting views. I have never had a first contact with someone where we bring up the law of chastity and Word of Wisdom. It was very.... interesting. However, I think when he understands that agency is what we have. He will really improve. Sister Garrett pulled the "Can we meet with you and your girlfriend sometime." He was all for it. This could be great. We could have a wedding! Okay, these are very high hopes. But if he is willing to pray about our message. It will happen.
We also had an old lady give us a tour of her apartment and show us EVERYTHING. It was quite funny. It was sad because you could tell she was lonely. She was all about her material possessions. However, her husband is a priest of some kind.... I really wish EVERYONE would just accept the gospel :)

On Saturday we had a finding day in Landshut. It was very rainy, and I did not dress for the occasion. But, we did find them 2 people. One of which was really cool. We were perfect missionaries. Shared Moroni 10, asked him to pray about it, got his number, and set up a return appointment. It was very exciting. I hope that the elders teach him! They also had an 8-year-old baptism that day that we got to stay for. I know for a fact, I will need to pack tissues on the 20th. Because as a missionary, baptisms are quite the experience. Even if it is some girl you have never met in your life.

I can't believe this transfer is almost over. And I have a PACKED schedule! We have president interviews, zone training, district Pday, Finding day and Sister Garrett’s birthday! Then, after all that, I may be leaving Passau. I am seriously scared. I could stay here my whole 18 months! I might leave Bayern before even learning any Bayerish! And that would really be "schade!"

I have been noticing that President Monson really puts a focus on learning from the past, living (serving) in the present, and preparing for the future. I have seen it in multiple talks, some from before he was a prophet. It is really a cool thought and something LDS people should be really good at. It is important to remember what is going with you in the next life. And what we should be doing right now. Anyways, that's all for now folks.

Sister Regnier

So Sister Garrett and I were not going to put up with our hair any longer! 
So this is what we look like now! 
Sister Garrett donated her hair, so there is a big difference. 

 Sweet picture with his glasses huh?
He LOVES the Book of Mormon. :)

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