Monday, July 8, 2013

Concern for the One (July 8)

On Monday, there was an African festival in Passau. It was quite fun! Since we know a lot of Africans it was cool to see them all there, dancing and having a lot of fun. Passau is the party place. Yesterday there was a HUGE flea market, good thing it was Sunday, or I would be broke. It was the coolest stuff! Sister Garrett and I were trying to figure out ways to ship it all home :)

This week I had my first interview with the President. It was really nice. Sister Miles was able to help Sister Garrett and I a ton with our main investigator. Plus we had an outstanding district meeting where Sister Garrett and I were able to speak on something we are very passionate about- Helping our untersuchers (investigators) have faith. Before coming out on my mission, I did not understand some steps before baptism. However, seeing the number of less actives and working with them has made me see one of the biggest mistakes is for someone to be baptized before they are ready or have a FIRM testimony. This is so important! I am glad that members are asked to work with newly baptized converts. It is super helpful. I really enjoyed a talk this week called "Concern for the One" –by Joseph B. Wirthlin. I would recommend every member to read it!

This week we had our first English class/4th of July party. It was really fun and went well. The day after, the Sagmeisters had us over to celebrate the actual 4th. We sang The Star Spangled Banner and Bruder Sagmeister got in his Lederhosen! It was fun.

Our GML, a returned missionary from Frankfurt went dooring with us this week after he helped us in a lesson. It was very memorable. We got a lot of ideas, and he was a great example. I wish I could talk so easily and with such personal touch as Germans can with each other. It would make it a lot more interesting!

So I bet you thought my adventure days were over? no way. This week Sister Garrett and I had quite the adventure. We got permission to go out of our area to visit a potential investigator- It was so fun. We rode a train to the prettiest place! But we had no maps, and the internet was down, so when we got there we had no idea where to go. Iphones may actually be nice :) When we figured it out, and found her house (it was behind another house!) we found out she was at her OTHER house. So we hopped on a bus (way nicer than the buses I am used to) and went walking in the pouring rain to find her other house. Turns out, no one in the town knew where that street was (3 KM down the road) and it was getting late, so our adventure had a sad ending. But it was BEAUTIFUL and when she showed up at church, she was so so so happy we had tried to visit and had left a note.

We were able to teach someone less-active, who I feel is becoming more active. We talked about the temple and about family history. He wants to call relatives and complete a pedigree chart. He is VERY excited about it. Hopefully, he will be also able to make it to the temple one day! It was great. I could just feel his ancestors rejoicing!

With the other less active, we went and picked strawberries. It reminded me a lot of when we used to go do things like that. It was really fun, we sang hymns and really strengthened our relationship and talked about faith. I am so excited to start reteaching the lessons with her!

On another wonderful note, we had 39 people at church, yeah, I did not type that wrong. It was so cool. On Tuesday we met this guy on a train, and he just showed up! We also had two member families there. It was quite the party. Literally, the Sagmesiters brought food!

Okay time to update you on S______. He is doing so great! We started reading Isaiah, which is quite interesting. He also partook in his first fast. He is such an example. When we had treats after church, I about died because I still had a couple hours left for my fast. But I went into a room and found him sitting there and we got to talking and he said, "I know God will bless me more if I wait until the time I have planned." He is such an example! By the way, we didn't even ask him to fasting or anything. We told him that our mission was doing a mission fast for the people that we are praying for and he said something along the lines of, well I have to fast too, because that wouldn't be right for you to do that for me, while I am not. He kills me. We have started planning for the baptism-It is a lot of details, but exciting!

This week, we were able to go help more in the Mormon Helping Hands in Deggendorf. It is always fun to get a bunch of missionaries together working hard. The family I was helping was playing music. I have yet to feel so awkward. So much makes sense to me now. Bad music really does take away the spirit. Simple as that !

This week I am working on obedience as a Chirst-like attribute. Today during study, I enjoyed quite a few things. We are promised that as we obey, our faith, knowledge, wisdom, testimony, protection, and freedom will increase. The freedom is quite an interesting one, agency is so wonderful! I do NOT want to be that foolish, not-so-obedient man that builds his house upon the sand. I want to work my life with the statement, If you love me keep my commandments. It is the least we can do :) I really like 1 John 2:5 and James 3:3. But let's be honest. James of course sticks out because it is talking about bridling a horse... ;) But, it did make me think a lot about agency and that phrase "whole body." Any thoughts? I also wanted to share a great quote from L Tom Perry, "The discipline contained in daily obedience (and a couple other things) builds an armor around you of protection and safety from temptation that beset you as you proceed through mortality." No wonder it is a Christ-like attribute, it is dang important.

Well we are going to Hockzeit this week, so today was only a half PDAY, but we were supposed to do our emails. So that has yet to come. If only I had lederhosen, I could get out of wearing a skirt.... haha
I hope you have a fun week!

Sister Regnier

4th of July Party

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