Monday, October 21, 2013

I’ll go where you want me to go, dear Lord (October 21)

Well my last week in Passau was JAM PACKED. It was crazy. We went to Schärding on Pday. It was seriously so cool! Schwester L­­­­_____ said she would be making a album on Facebook, if you haven't seen it already. We all had a BLAST. We went on a tree top walk, I felt like a straight up kid, but it was just really fun to see all the adults, and kids playing on a giant playground together. haha. I really love the Passau members.

Tuesday and Wednesday were frantic. I had to re-prepare for my Austrian Visa. You know all that paper work I had to do before my mission? That was all for Austria, not Germany. The German visa is really simple. We had to prepare for the Austrian visa just in case our first area is Austria. Well, my initial visa expired, and I had to get the stuff from Germany, cause I have "been here so long" anyway. We went to the M___s and the S____s on Tuesday, it was so fun. I love seeing their personalities. Germans are just so different than the typical person at home, regardless of membership in the church. And, I love it! I love it so much! The people here are great! At the S____s, we had Roclette, a Swiss specialty food. So good… Hands down best meal I have had here. We are getting one of those Roclette things when I get home. Schwester H___ met us at the train station to say goodbye. Man I love the Passau members! The next day, we had a Venezuelan  breakfast at Frau D__'. She is so fun and so fun to talk to. We actually solved the problems of the world. Her and her daughter really would fit into the church perfectly, but who wouldn't? After that, we had to run, and when I say run, I mean sprint to the bus, which we missed. Which made us miss our train to district meeting...... first for everything right? Kind of stunk. We had made lunch for everyone, so we ended up eating it with the elders on the train. It was actually quite fun. After District meeting, we went to say goodbye to Schwester L_____. She gave me a bunch of movies in German and a HUGE winter coat. It is really nice, but I have never owned such a heavy article of clothing. Overall, saying goodbye to these people have grown to love, was one of the hardest things ever. I love them so much, and I really feel like I am part of their family.

I finally experimented making my first schnitzel. It was dang good, if I do say so. It is so easy to make. I wish I could learn how to make more of the foods I eat here. The next day was transfer day. My suitcases were so heavy..... All our Umsteigen (transfers) were a PAIN. The elders were so willing to help, until they found out just how heavy my bags were... haha. so funny. SO I got on the train at 10 in the morning, and walked into my new apartment and 10 at night. Wow. What a day. It was crazy. I was able to see Sister Garrett at the Salzburg train station, for a second, because we were having to RUN to our next train. It was extremely stressful. Let me tell you, Austrian trains are SO NICE. They were also so much faster. We were going 200km/hr once when I looked, I don’t really know if that is fast, but it’s WAY faster then the deutschebahn. The train ride was so pretty I can't get over it. I got to meet a lot of new missionaries, it was really fun, just very, very long. I met up with my companion in Wien. My new district is crazy young (mission-age wise)! Our district leader, is one transfer older than I am. I am the next oldest (tied with 2 others). Can you imagine, me one of the oldest missionaries? It’s really unusual.

Graz is very different. I cannot understand the language, and there are so many buses and trams I may never figure out how to get back to our apartment. My first day here, was extremely overwhelming. I miss Passau more than I ever would.

It was really cool, because we had a open house at the church on Saturday. It was really well put together. Afterwards, there was a concert. It was really, really cool. I enjoyed myself a bit too much. The members are very talented here. Sunday, was a bit overwhelming as well. Church was three hours, haha not used to that. I met so many people, but I only can remember one familys’ name... and that is because we went over for dinner at their haus after the baptism ( the Brook elders had a baptism, the font is in our ward building). Wow, it was a pretty car ride, the neighborhood was so cool. I am working hard on my German eating etiquette. From that eating appointment, I'm seeing it may be a bit more important here. I just can’t figure out how to use a fork in my left hand.... haha.

Well that is my week. It was crazy busy.

The song, “I will go where you want me to go,” stuck has been in my mind a lot these last few days. We sang it in church, and I felt pretty bad about my feelings towards this new area and my feelings about just not wanting to learn this "new language." Specially while singing, "Ich rede was do mich heißt reden O herr, und vie do willst so will ich sein."

During Personal study, this quote from Elder Scott stuck out to me: Scriptures can calm an agitated soul giving peace, hope, and a restoration of confidence in ones ability to overcome challenges in life. I really like it. And it really is true. The scriptures can get us through anything, we just need to USE them!
That's all for now.

Have a wonderful week!
Liebe Grüße

Sister Regnier

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