Sunday, August 4, 2013

Alles im Butter (July 29)

Well this week has been a busy one. Learned a cool German phrase "Alles im Butter" (Everything in butter) My favorite, I say it all the time. ;)

So Monday night was really fun after such a great day. Eating at the castle was breath taking. Seriously the coolest place I have ever eaten! The Branch President family reserved a beautiful table for us. It was so nice! We had a wonderful time.

This week we have spent some time at the M­­­­____’s house. They are moving and they live in this BEAUTIFUL house. Seriously dream house and a ton of land. We had a lot of work to do. It was VERY hot, mosquitos are everywhere, and wood is very heavy.... but it was so cool! The whole branch came pretty much. It was a great way for the ward to work together to help someone. I really love the people in the church. I love that we, as members all over the world, are all so willing to help!

On Thursday, we got our new companion, Sister Smith. Working as a dritt (3 person companionship) is very different. I feel weird when we contact and talk to people when there are three of us. We are trying to find ways to make it work. Hopefully we will master it soon! We didn't do that much finding because we were so busy.

The appointment with the family I spoke of previously fell out, so I am still looking forward to that this week!

Sunday was cool because we visited a less active who is depressed because the loss of her husband. We listened to her talk for a while. Then Sister Garrett, being the inspired missionary she is, brought up Family History. Her whole attitude changed SO FAST! It was neat! She was so happy and so excited to get our help. She has been working on it for a while and has had no luck. She has said she is "200% certain that the churches sites wont be able to help her" find her info. You better believe we are going to find some and help her start being able to find some for herself. We are also teaching a new member about the temple and baptisms. He is planning to go soon. Overall, this is the best thing to be teaching! I love it! I think the Sisters were bugged how excited I was to start this kind of work. Thank you dad for teaching me how to do it! Although I don't know much, she is not far into it. So I am pumped.

So, the heat is pretty bad this week-over 40 degrees (>104 F).  I feel like I am serving in South America. Somehow, only the American missionaries are glistening. It is gross. Germans seem to be more adjusted to it or something. An hour of church was actually canceled because it was too hot.... haha that would never happen in CA. It was funny. An elder had just got off his mission and came to visit with his family, his sister just got off too and they were still set apart. So that's right, we had 7 missionaries there for about the first 30 minutes of the service. It was actually kind of funny. A missionary prayed, gave a talk, played the piano. It was funny.

Today I got to spend some time with the Staudts! It was so fun! I really enjoyed catching up with them. We got to go to Mariahilf (historical religious area in Passau that has become somewhat of a pilgrimage for some) and see more than last time. We were really rushed last time. Then we went out to lunch. They seem to be doing well, and really happy with Werner home and Alexander on vacation. I am glad they were able to stop in Passau. It is sad that I don't remember any French, I will definitely want to study it a little when I get home. Betty laughed and said first time you came to Germany, you spoke English, second time, French, third, German, what will happen next time. We are thinking Spanish. :)

Funny thing in Mariahilf, there was this staircase down the hill. It had many pictures of Jesus and Mary. But in the corner of a bunch of pictures was a LDS pass along card! It was so old. They don't even say the same thing anymore! It was SO FUNNY. I bet a missionary put it there earlier.

This week was a good week.

Alles im Butter,

Sister Regnier

The Staudts

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