Monday, August 12, 2013

We learn so much from the spirit (Aug 12)

We met a couple people on the street this week, and that is always fun. We did a lot of tracting this week, a LOT. I am getting excited for the "better way." 

Something that was really cool this week was Zone Training. We talked about the scriptures and how we can be using them in Personal Study. It wasn't the typical focus-on-the-investigators role play. Instead we got into groups and all wrote down a personal question we had. Then read a chapter in the Book of Mormon together. It was the coolest thing. 1- the spirit was so strong. 2- every single person in my group got answers. It was seriously the best and something I really needed. It really made me think about how important it is to make our scripture study really personal. The Book of Mormon helps everyone with everything. The cool thing though is what the spirit teaches you when you read it. We were talking to S___ about scripture study yesterday. It was cool because we got him a journal and marking pencils, and he was SO excited to start using them. Then he brought up how it is hard he doesn't understand everything in church, because he speaks English. We were able to talk about learning by the spirit, and that really is a miracle. Because we learn so much more from the spirit. It reminded me of a week where in Relief Society, I didn't understand what was being said. But I knew the topic was family. The spirit taught me many things, including things I want to do with my future family. It is experiences like that that amaze me. This gospel is true, it is wonderful. 

So, I knew I would be eating new.... 'meat substances' on my mission, but I never would have guessed crocodile and kangaroo. Yeah, pretty crazy, I would recommend Kangaroo. Unfortunately, all three of us got food poising from the restaurant. So, I never want to eat Chinese food again. Ever. 

So I had the prettiest night sky of my life this week, its really hot during the day, but lightning storms at night. I have never seen it like this, every second new lightning was going off, making the sky a beautiful shade of purple the whole night. We have a large window above our beds, we slept with the window open all night. Seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It just made the whole city a silhouette and it was just so beautiful.

English class was really fun this week. We had one member student so we taught cooking terms, and then talked him through making cookies. It was really fun and a cool way to test him on the vocabulary.

Here is a funny story. On Friday, the Elders had tracted into this guy, who opened the door in his underwear (it happens a lot) and let them in. They taught a wonderful lesson and were really excited about this guy. Anyway, they were really excited and called us after and told us about it. 
The next day, we are tracting and a guy opens the door in his whitey tighties. He was embarrassed and said he would be right back. Thinking he was going to put pants on, we were very confused when he returned to the door in the same condition. We were even more surprised when he showed us a Book of Mormon, and then started laughing when he opened the book and we saw Elder M___'s and Elder B___'s names written in it. He said, they were faster. It made me laugh. That's never happened before. 

This week we had a very cool experience. Saturday night, we met this man. We talked for a while, but he didn't have interest in the Book of Mormon or to meet with us. However, he was a very pleasant man and he said he might stop by for church sometime. The next day, we were reading with Frau M_____, and our Branch President said we have another visitor. Excited, I went out to go see and there he was sitting on a chair! He had a lot of questions in the beginning and was a bit confused by our meeting and branch. But during the opening song, he was singing the song with all his heart. President A____, our stake President, was there to give the lesson. I kid you not, he answered every single one of this guy's questions. It was awesome. I am so glad the President is so in tune with the spirit! When this man was leaving, he told us that he would really enjoy to come back again next week! I am hoping and praying his interest increases and will become an investigator soon.

Alles im Butter
Sister Regnier

English Class

view of where we teach S___

Frau M­­­______

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