Monday, August 5, 2013

I have taught many lessons in the dark (August 5)

This week we helped the family in our ward move. It was hard work, and I have the bug bites to prove it! But it was all worth it when they got up to bare their testimony yesterday and express how much the ward helped. It really was a BIG project. But it was fun. Also, I would DIE to live in their old house. This week I got to spend a couple minutes just sitting on their top floor deck. Looking out. Not another house in sight just beautiful tree covered hills. Seriously, took my breath away. This is the prettiest place in the world! The only picture I took this week was of their house. I might as well send it. It is very typical where the upper part of the house is wood and the rest normal. I really like the look. It is interesting because Germans use so much wood! They also try to conserve on electricity as much as possible. Needless to say, I have taught many lessons in the dark. I really like it though. I would do the same thing if electricity and gas were so expensive, and don't even ask about gas. Gas prices are similar to the US except you only get a liter instead of a gallon for the same price. 

This week we taught an investigator and we pulled a "District" where we sat on our knees and waited for him to pray in complete silence for 15 minutes (after the example, and talking him through it for awhile). It was actually kind of cool. Except I have no idea how he kneeled so long! He is a bit old, and my knees were KILLING me. He spent the whole time rereading the page about prayer in our pamphlet, then taking a big breath, then stopping. In the end he still couldn't bring him self to pray. I feel because he doesn't understand that Heavenly Father wants to hear from him and the special experience of prayer. I am determined to help him. 

This week we had an FHE with S_, the elders and us. It was so cool. We played Ligretto, a pretty popular game here, that I am determined to get good at! We then had a testimony meeting and it was so good! We all focused on the atonement, priesthood power and the spirit. AH it was so cool! After we all shared our testimonies. S_ did as well. It was so great! I was a bit teary, not going to lie. It was a fantastic experience. S_ was able to share his testimony and receive his first priesthood blessing. It was a spirit packed meeting! 

There is a man we met, when we first arrived here, who was inactive due to certain situations. It has been so cool to watch him come back to church. He is there every Sunday now! He is also planning on going to the temple and do temple work. I AM SO EXCITED. He has done some family history. He is planning his first trip to the temple. It is so interesting the questions he asks. I have been going since I was 12, but with family and friends. He is going alone, not knowing exactly what to expect, and knowing very little German. It takes courage and I am proud of him. I am just so excited for him! 

This week I read a talk from last conference by Elder Stanley Ellis. He talks about and gives scriptures on how God shows us how to live, love, help, pray, talk, interact with each other, lead, marry, raise children, learn, know the truth, share the gospel and even what we should eat. These references are great! It is so great that God gives us the Book of Mormon and the Bible as written guidelines how to live the best life. It would be so hard without them. That is why I am here. These books help in life so much! I wish more people would just read them! :) Heavenly Father does so much for us :) 

Have a great week!
Sister Regnier

Ps. Funny story. One day, we met and talked to this one person. In the course of conversation we gave him a Book of Mormon. He said he would like to meet again, but after some important exams. So we planned to go back in a month so. Four days later, we walked by his house again, kind of randomly. And this is what we saw in his garden. However, we knew it was just put there because we had a freak storm that night. Random. We don't really know what to think about it.... I am going with he was reading it in his garden and set it there. :) 

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