Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I just hit 10 Months! (Jan 20)

This week...

The best thing that happened- we met 2 new people and both of them came to church! They are ready for the gospel! We had a lesson with one of them, meaning, we got a new investigator. The spirit was so strong. We had a joint teach, who was really nervous because the lesson was in English, but it was wonderful. The spirit was strong and he committed to pray about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and agreed to a soft baptismal commitment. He is PREPARED.

The funniest thing that happened- Well, this week we had a tausch (splits). I was with Sister Jencks in Graz. We had a blast. The funniest thing was definitely when we were exiting the bus, the doors closed right in front of her btw. Right behind me and drove off, leaving me ALONE on the sidewalk. I laughed the whole walk to the next stop. I can't tell you why it was so funny, just know, when I'm with someone 24/7 and I walk alone for 3 minutes... its awkward. haha

The most awkward thing that happened- during ward council, instead of saying that our investigator is trying to quit smoking, I said she’s trying to take on smoking...... Just when you thought my German must be getting better because I just hit TEN MONTHS.... haha

The most rewarding thing that happened- was getting invited to so many members! After a low count of members inviting missionaries over, the Relief Society president asked us to stand up last week and pretty much tell everyone to invite us over, well it happened, we had a lot of great lessons with members this week!

The coolest thing I noticed about these members this week- how strong their testimonies are! Holy cow! For example, we went over to an older ladies house, she works so hard and ALL DAY on genealogy. She gives everything to the Lord and spends her time doing genealogy, reading church books, or studying the scriptures. She is amazing. Along with all the members we visited. We are so lazy in America. We complain about having to go to the Mocho building that is what, 30 minutes away. Some of the members here drive for an hour or more just for church or to fulfill a calling. Not to even mention how long they drive to go to the temple. They are so strong.

My favorite scripture was- DC 123:17

The most important thing I learned- goals are only going to help, when you diligently work on them

The best Mormon message we saw- https://www.lds.org/youth/video/stay-within-the-lines?lang=eng (dang good, Holland is a man. I am so grateful for EVERY missionary that is serving, and is worthy to serve)

Have a great week, Love you!

Sister Regnier

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