Monday, January 27, 2014

Diligence is rewarded (January 27)

This week has been a great one.
Sister Judd and I set some great goals for this week and we decided to really, really focus on them. Well, we didn't quite reach them, but we have done better than any previous week!

Well, I think a big attributing factor is that we focused so hard on working with the members. Well that is exactly what we have been doing this transfer. We were invited Monday, to a home of a lady in our ward that said she would never have the missionaries over again, but she invited us, and it went wonderfully.

We had a couple good experiences with members this week. Including, oh boy, this is funny. So we have 45 min before our appointment, we decide to go dooring, which I have not done in a LONG time. Well, at one door, someone answers through the klingel. I introduce us and ask if we can share a message with him. His answer: Kein Zufall. Ich bin AUCH ein Mitglied der Kirche Jesu Christi (No chance. I am ALSO a member of the Church of Jesus Christ). I doored a member!! Church was awkward… But what a fun way to now have a connection with that member. We also made some personal touches. We dropped off some cute shower gels at 3 members. One texts us being so grateful and how it was a tender mercy because she just ran out herself. Another came up to us at church and talked to us for the first time. It was so awesome. We have been sending texts out to the members with a scripture, well that’s going great too! It is just so wonderful to work with members!! I know that it is with their help that we will see more progress in the work.

Working with those who are less-active can be by far the funnest part of the work. I love getting to know them and spending time helping them. We had a great lesson with our Peruvian less-active. She is the perfect example of a great wife (I actually wrote down a few reminders in my journal for the future :) ) and love in general. She is so great and is making a lot of progress. She wants us to teach her the lessons again so that she can regain her testimony. What a great thing! She was really able to open up to us because she saw how much we cared! Another less active we met with this week is reading so much in the scriptures and is making a lot of progress with her personal relationship with God. It is so spiritual for me, to see the change I am witnessing in these people as they align their lives with the gospel.

Well, our lessons with P__ this week went great. On our Saturday lesson, we picked a date for his baptism! It's just so great. He was so excited and asking so many questions and just so happy. He was singing gospel songs the whole way home. What a blessing it is to work with him.

This week was really just so great.
I got to have a great interview with President Miles, we were invited to 4 members houses, we set a baptismal date, both of our investigators are progressing, and few found three new potential investigators. The work is going great. I love it here in Graz!

This month’s attribute is diligence. I have learned so much and just really enjoyed studying it. First, diligence is a steady, consistent, earnest, and energetic effort. Being diligent means enduring to the end while being on the opposite side of the spectrum of slothful, diligence is VERY active.

All victory and glory is brought to pass with DILIGENCE (dedication and all our effort), faithfulness and prayers of faith (D&C 103: 36). The Lord tells us to be diligent, because that is how he can reward us. He doesn’t want us to waist the life we have. When we are anxiously engaged in a good cause, using our free will, we will be rewarded and bring to pass much righteousness. Diligence should NOT be conditional. Never plan on doing something tomorrow, be diligent and do it today!

In that video I sent 2 weeks ago the man says, "I’ve let him down plenty of times, but he’s never let me down." We must stay strong and diligent and try to do what the Lord needs of us and wants us so that he can HELP US. In Ex. 15:26 it says to diligently harken to the voice of the Lord. How can we do that? By being diligent in hearing his word, which we receive through prayer and scripture study. Sister Scoggin said in our zone training, "When our prayers are weak and routine, our missionary work will be weak and routine. "How true that is for not only missionary work, but every aspect of our lives. We must be diligent in going outside of our comfort zone.

In Preach My Gospel I love the questions that go along with diligence, they are a great way to measure our diligence and figure our where we can improve. (they can be found on
Diligence is so broad, but really simple. With everything we do, we must give it all we got. It is so important to be diligent in our studies and prayers, we must be diligent in work and with our families, we MUST BE DILIGENT IN ALL WE DO in order to bring out the best outcomes.

Diligence is a choice. Make the choice to be diligent and give it all you got.
I'm so grateful that I was raised in a home, where diligence was a priority.

Love you. Have a great week!

Sister Regnier

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