Monday, January 6, 2014

NEVER judge people from their appearance (January 6)

Happy New Year! 
Well, on Tuesday, it was new years! We had a wonderful district meeting talking about why we came on a mission and more importantly why did we stay out on a mission. It was interesting, there are so many reasons why missionaries have a desire to continuously serve. After that, we went to the bishop's house. It was a blast. We played games and had a lot of fun. When it was time to go outside, it was amazing. There are no firework limitations here, at least for which I am aware. New Year was crazy. The sky was LIT UP and it was the coolest fireworks I have ever seen. I realize that firework restrictions in the US are to prevent fires and such, but we saw fireworks over houses and fields and no harm done. I was a bit nervous, ..... but I think it would be awesome if the US had firework regulations like Austria. :) The kids wanted us missionaries to help set the fireworks off, but we have our mission rules and that is one they wanted us to break. Regardless, I really enjoyed myself. Well, we stayed up all night and were able to sleep in so that we could have 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping in was weird.... but very relaxing. That day we had lunch with a family in our ward. It was so cool. We watched this big concert that takes place in Wien. I never have really appreciated classical music, but it was wonderful. A lot of famous people were there. Well we had a great time with them.

Then we were headed to Muenchen. On the way there, we were sitting by a young adult woman. She had a lot of piercings and wore lots of black. Well, she was the coolest person ever. We got to talking to her and her aspects of life and how hard she strives to be the best mother she can be, was amazing. I was just blown away with how cool she was. We got her contact information, she doesn’t live in Graz, but it will be cool to stay in contact. It was just a confirming experience; we should NEVER judge people from their appearance. Sometimes the ones with tattoos are the most willing to talk about God, I have seen that a few times. 

Mission Leadership Council was great. We talked a lot about Diligence and finding with faith. It was just wonderful. We also talked a lot about our new goals for this year. I wish I could portray Presidents excitement to the rest of our zone. 
Well, we had to stay the night in Wien because we took a bus half the way home (saves a ton of money) well we had the opportunity to go to Naschtmarkt. It was so cool. So many antiques of every kind. I could have spent hours there. Well, we did have just enough time to buy my very own DIRNDL! I am so excited :) I wore it to GMK and during our planning sessions this week :) From Wien, we had to go straight to our appointment with Petra. It went wonderfully. We planned to talk about fasting. Well, the Spirit had something else in mind. It was fantastic. Walking to the bus, Sister Judd and I both just started saying how we think she’s so ready for baptism! I am so happy for her and all the progress she’s made in that last month. 

The other lesson we had this week, was with a new convert. As we were talking about a few things I realized how grateful I am for the Young Women's Program! It’s so great and gives us a wonderful foundation. I noticed how many questions this young adult had, that I learned in YW. I am just so grateful for the program and all that I learned in it. 

I am so glad I get to serve here in Graz for another transfer. 

Sister Regnier


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