Monday, December 30, 2013

The 3 days of christmas :) (December 30)

Wow, for the first time, it actually seems like it's been a week since I was last at the computer.

Well, last Monday, I went to the Zotter chocolate factory. It was so cool! Every flavor of chocolate you can imagine, well even more than you can imagine because there is a lot of fruit here that is not in America. I even tried fish chocolate.... that’s a weird one. Our GML(Ward Mission Leader), Bernhard went with us. We really had a lot of fun. After that, we went caroling with the JAE (single adults) and it was a blast. It’s so great to get to know them a bit more. :)

Well, then starts the 3 days of Christmas, yes, Christmas is THREE DAYS. The first day being Heilige Abend, also the biggest of the three days. We spent this with the Bishop's family. (Fun fact, if you open a tithing missionary pamphlet, and turn to page 5, that is them! Also, page 11 of the same pamphlet is the ward building here :) ) It was a blast! We started the day off with a wonderful hike! It was so fun. I fell a lot, but it was so fun. I should have remembered the shoe spikes dad got me from Costco... they would have came in handy. Then we got to join in some of the traditions here. We ate and played games and went into a different room and played with the kids until ChristKind came. Well we walk into the family room and it is BEAUTIFUL! Christmas trees are decorated by the "baby Jesus" and have many candles and chocolate on them. We all sat and read the Christmas story and sang the correlating songs. It was so spiritual, I love the way it focused so strongly on Jesus. Then we all opened presents. It was just a great day! We even got to watch a movie, the Walton’s. Have you ever heard of it? I am sure you have, it’s an American film, but because it was in German, I bet it was even funnier. I loved it! A lot like Little House on the Prairie. That night Sister Judd and I opened the presents from the ward. Thanks to everyone that helped! They were so cute, and so fun to open. We had to make sure we got 8 hours of sleep so we were allowed to sleep in, that felt weird for the first day, but very much needed. That morning we opened presents then went to the church to have a party with our district. The tews made us yummy waffles. We ate, drank, and were merry. Well, the missionary kind of merry, playing games and Skyping our family. What a treat that was! I am so glad I got to spend some time talking to you. So fun! Then we watched Monsters Inc. University. That might be my new favorite Disney movie! SO CUTE!

The 3rd day of Christmas, we had lunch with a family who is less active. It was also a lot of fun. We then went to the movie theater, yep, you heard that right. And watched Stille Nacht! It was really a great movie; our GML is even in it! It's so cool to have an understanding of how the Catholic church works, and the area and watch that movie! I really enjoyed it!

Well, the news you are all waiting for, this Saturday, I ate Regnier Tacos. Shoot, making those with the steam and grease in the air, I felt at home! We had them with Petra. She loved them and kept telling me what a good cook I was. hehe Thanks so much!

We had 2 of the coolest lessons this week. Well, the first one wasn't a lesson. But we decided to visit someone who is less active less active and who we caroled earlier. Coolest guy ever. He has such a strong testimony of the church and knows its all true just openly admits he's lazy. Well, there’s some work to do, but I am SO excited to start working with this family! We will be meeting with them again on Saturday.

The other person we visited was with a young adult. It was so special because some answers to my prayers came out of my mouth as we were answering her questions and helping her, I must admit, I got a bit emotional. But it was a very spiritual experience for all three of us :)

Sadly, one of the elders in our district went home for medical reasons this week. It has been hard on everyone. He is a great missionary and I know he will be back out here very soon. It was hard for all of us to see him go.
Well, it was a great week.

Today, we went on another hike! It was beautiful. Austria is the prettiest place in the world.

I am so grateful I get to serve here.
Have a great week!
Sister Regnier

Chocolate Factory

Fish Chocolate!

Chocolate Factory

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