Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Let the Advent begin! (Dec 2)

Well, this week has been crazy! Transfer weeks are always crazy but this one, wow! The week started out wonderfully with THANKSGIVING! We had it together as a district. It was so fun to make food together and just explain what we are grateful for! I am so grateful for so much! I am grateful for the lessons I am able to teach, the members I am able to work with, all the things I have learned, I am grateful that I have a supporting family, I am so grateful that I get to serve a mission.

This week, we actually went to the Bishops twice! haha, it was so fun and gave my companions and I a great opportunity to get to know their amazing family a bit better (and eat some dang good essen(food)). The rest of the week, I don't even know what happened. We had a lesson with our investigator, it went well, but it is time to think of a new strategy so we can actually get through a lesson, or even a point in the lesson, he loves to talk.

We were able to celebrate a less actives birthday with her. It was fun and we were able to sing the good old German happy birthday song (way more fun to sing). She is doing wonderfully and looks forward to meeting with us every time.
Well, we had another übernachten (stayed the night) in Wien (Vienna) for transfers. Sister Kervinen and I met with a member-a Finish family. That was fun. I am sure glad I wasn't called Finish speaking! Then, I stayed the night at my new companion’s apartment, and made the trip back to Graz with her in the morning. It was nice to already have known her before. Sister Judd and I are really excited to work together. She is a wonderful missionary and I know I will learn so much from her!

The rest of the week FLEW BY I am guessing its a good sample of what our transfers are going to be like.

Something that broke my heart this week... Sister Kervinen and I had made an appointment with a less active; we were really excited to start working with a new one. However, the night sister Judd and I showed up for the appointment. She was... a bit rude on the klingle. It makes me so sad that she didn't want to meet with us and didn't see a reason that she should. I hope that one day, the Spirit will remind her what she has felt before, and hopefully another member will be able to friendship her.

This week we were able to take part in conducting the District Leader meeting (that I didn't even know existed haha). It was very cool to come together as leaders of our zone to develop our zone vision and discuss our callings. It's a LONG day on the train, but I know that it's important and hopefully the Lord will bless our area from our efforts that take us away from our area so much. That night, we were planning the austausches (missionary exchanges) for the transfer. We started to feel that our area was going to be neglected.... but then, it came to us how WONDERFUL the elders and the paar (senior missionary couple) are in this area! Elder Christensen and Elder Byers were going to be split up on transfer calls, but president called them 2 hours later and explained the Spirit wouldn't let him feel good about splitting them up. I know that it’s a blessing they will both be working in Graz. We will see miracles this next transfer.

I know that the Lord will help everyone who asks to help in this work. This work is the work of this time, and the Lord needs us.

This is THE work. This work brings happiness and so much more to everyone.

Love you!
Sister Regnier

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