Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It blows my mind. I really am in the prettiest mission ever! (Nov 25)

Well, first I would like to point out that it is 2 degrees outside right now.... but it seems like it was colder last week. We have seen some snow on cars, but it hasn’t hit Graz yet. I don't know If I am excited for that or not for the snow. :)

We got transfer calls this week! I am staying in Graz and Sister Judd, who is currently in Wien, is coming to work with me! We will be the Wien Zone's Sister Training Leaders. Sister Kervinen is headed to Brixen, Italy. The COOLEST city in our mission, the only city in Italy. She is excited, but sad to leave her golden area. I am completely jealous ;)

This week we did a thing called Gemeinde Busuch. Splits? It was my first time and it was really fun. I went with the Relief Society president. We had a great time and were able to visit 2 less actives! She was really excited to help. She went on a mission to Germany when she was younger, and she just seemed to love going out with me. It was a cool way to bring the members and missionaries together.

This week we visited a member in our ward, she asked when we were going to use her as a joint teach, well, we just kind of nudged the question off, not knowing how good it would be to bring this sister with us. Don't get me wrong, she's one of my favorite members, but we didn’t know how she would do.  However, through a serious of events, that at the time I was very frustrated at, but now I see happened for a reason. We called her 20 minutes before an appointment. She said I'll be there, dropped everything to come help. It was the best joint teach lesson I have ever had! Our investigator showed her total respect and although he normally doesn't let people talk much was completely listening and hanging on every word she said. Well, the member spent 7 years investigating The Church and investigated many others that our investigator has as well. He loved getting her comments and I think it was the best thing for him, even if we didn't talk about what we had planned. It was by far the best lesson with him ever. It was interesting because we got talking about the new temple in Italy. He was flabbergasted. That is definitely the right word. He told us that was a huge testimony builder for him because that is where the pope is and what not.  :)  Really cool.

This week we had Zone Conference. One of my favorite things. We get to go about every 3 months or so. I loved it. President and Sister Miles seemed to say everything I needed to hear. I am really pumped up for the work right now. But let's be honest, I always am :) It was really a great experience to see what we, as missionaries, need to be focusing on.

This week we had our second lesson with our progressing less active. The elders came, and it went wonderfully. She told us how much the church and the missionaries mean to her, and it was just really cool in general. She said her first prayer in front of us and she is just so excited about the Spirit. She LOVES having us over and going to church. We call her our Austrian mom. She's the cutest. She had us over for meat and cheese fondue. It was delicious. She is just so happy to be back in the swing of things it's really great to see and witness :)

Well on the way to conference we were able to go to Stephansplatz. One of the tallest cathedrals I believe, at least in Wien (Vienna). It was so beautiful because Christmas was just getting set-up and we could see all the busy streets of Wien. I love seeing the architecture in these ancient cities. It blows my mind. I really am in the prettiest mission ever!

Love ya!

Sister Regnier

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