Thursday, February 6, 2014

Week of Miracles (Feb 3)

 I have a miracle story to share with you :) So, there is a member from Letbia (sp?) living in Graz. Sadly, she had no contact with the church and due to her high demanding job, she isn't able to come to Church. Her daughter is currently studying abroad and met, by no coincidence, a friend from a member in our ward. They chatted and their conversation turned to the church. The daughter told this friend about her mother and gave him the contact information for her mother, which was forwarded to our ward and given to us. We were able to have a beautiful visit this member, Skaidra. I have never seen someone so excited to have the missionaries over. We showed her the church website, talked about the gospel, and made another appointment. It was truly wonderful. I am so grateful I was able to help this woman have contact with the church again. She will now be well taken care of, visited by the bishop and receive visiting teachers. She is seriously the coolest! She met missionaries 12 years ago on the bus. She put the pamphlet in her pocket and forgot about it, until she saw them again, which lead her to baptism.

I am SO SO grateful I had the opportunity to get to know this BEAUTIFUL daughter of God.

As if this miracle wasn't enough, God decided to prove to me again how important this work is by showing me another!

P____'s dad living in Ghana died early this week. Two days later, his friend here in Austria passed away. He had a hard week. We started teaching P___ maybe 2 weeks ago. Well this week we taught him the plan of salvation. What a tender mercy. He is continually reading his scriptures, praying and coming to church, despite the language difficulties and his personal situation. It has been a testimony builder to me to see his priorities. This gospel is for EVERYONE and can help EVERYONE if they just accept it.

This work is amazing.

I love how rewarding it has been, even though we spent a big chunk of our time in München at mission leadership council. Which was, as always, awesome. One cool change to some rules, we are now allowed to use du sprache (the more friendly way of talking verses the formal way of speaking, used with people of high rank, older people, or strangers) with the elders. Ja, that means nothing to you, BUT it's wonderful and takes away so much awkwardness for people around us. We talked a lot about finding, it was really cool, because every set of leaders shared ideas for creative finding. I learned a lot of ways we can improve here in Graz.

Well, the appointments this week were great! I am seeing so many people progress and accept Jesus Christ's gospel.

We met with a family in the ward for the second time. It was awesome. They are the coolest family. Well, okay, I feel that every family in Austria is the coolest family, they are just so different, and so strong in the gospel. I love it. This family is just so loving and so centered on the gospel. The mom said, we don't have everything, but we have love. I just love them! After we met with them, the daughter sacrificed a large part of her day to come help us teach a lesson in English. I'm sure it was very scary for her, but she was willing and she had to sit at the church for a long time afterwards to get a ride home. We also had gemeinde besuch this week. This means that everyone on the ward council meets with the missionaries and we go visit less active members on splits. Sister Z___, the Relief Society president, and I went to go visit a less active sister. Just another miracle this week :) We went to the address she was listed under. Well the numbers on that street skipped her house number. We spent time looking, but couldn't find it anywhere. Then sister Zorn told me she had a feeling that we should go look on a different street. Well, when we got to that street we went to the same house number that was listed but just on this other street. As we approached the Klingel, sure enough, we saw her name on it! She immediately let us in. What a miracle! I am so grateful for Schwester Z___ and how in-tune she is :)

On Sunday, one of the primary kids in our ward was baptized. It was beautiful, friends from all over Austria came. It was an awesome opportunity for P___ and others to see a baptism.

Obviously I have had a great week :)

Happy Birthday Mom!

Liebe Grüße

Sister Regnier

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