Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crazy Goodness (Feb 10)

Wow. I am pretty sure, somehow, this was the longest week of my mission. I feel like last Pday was a transfer ago. That is not a bad thing! A lot of craziness has happened. And I've been in a lot of cities. So, I will use my planner to write this :)

Dienstag (Tuesday):
Well we caught a 7:25am train to get to Wien. We had zone training as well as a Golden7trainer meeting. Zone training went great. Sister Judd and I talked on humility. I must say, I loved preparing for this one. I learned a lot, and it was very... humbling :) We also worked on our street contacts. It was all the stuff we learned from our big meeting in Munchen (Munich) but it's always fun to put a Vienna twist on it. I think everyone really enjoyed it. The golden7trainer meeting was really cool. We split the Goldens (new missionaries) from their trainers and talked to them in groups. We then went back together explaining all the concerns were the same. It's so funny, when I was a golden, I was so "pity me" and thought that I was the only one feeling like how I was. Well that was wrong. All Goldens go through the same stuff. I hope they were able to see that from our meeting. :) Well, today we had a bit of a panic because Sis Judd left her stuff on the train. So we had to figure out how to work with the OBB(rail system) people. But members love us, and were really able to help us out. Everything was returned. So grateful.

Mittwoch (Wednesday):
Zone Conference! Loved it! We got to hear a lot from Sister Miles and President Miles. I loved it, I thought a lot about how we, as members of the church, are huge examples in everything we do. I remember this time in Passau when we were dooring and someone told us that they had seen us on the bridge. They knew that we were Mormon missionaries from that moment... good thing we weren’t doing what you did on bridges during you mission dad!.... :)  We also had a district leader meeting. All went well. Then, we started our tausch (splits). Well, picture this. Sister Packer, the elders, and I are sitting on the train, when 5 min before it leaves I realize we haven't printed tickets for it. We had to sprint, told the elders to throw our stuff out if we weren’t back in time. Well as we realized we never received a ticket number we run back to the train, as I am pressing the button to open the door, it drives off. Leaving Sister Packer and I in dirdles (German dresses), jacketless and wallet-less. At least we had our phone. We just had to wait a while before the elders could come rescue us. They are seriously great. Well, we got home, very, very late but had a miracle tausch the next day.

Donnerstag (Thursday):
I will go into details for the tausch, because it was great!
We first dropped off some Book of Mormons that a less active member wanted to give out! Sweet. Then we headed to our first appointment: We were about 30 min early so we decided to do street contact, which I hadn't done for a VERY VERY long time. We were both nervous, but we put our trust in the Lord and had some GREAT conversations. Seriously! It was so cool! We talked about the purpose of life, modern day prophets, and church organization. It was great. We had a lesson with a less active. She had a hard week but had started doing genealogy. With the help of another member, she found a whole family, they are already sealed in the temple :))) We then went to our appointment with Sk____. It went so well. We talked about Joseph Smith and the priesthood, she loved it. On the way to the church from there, we found another person!! (That means, I am hitting my record for potentials found in one day). WE then have a WONDERFUL lesson with P___. Schwester Rauch came, who is also from Ghana. She helped SO MUCH and was able to explaining so many differences from what their culture believes, BEST JOINT TEACH EVER. Then, P___ taught the Elders the plan of salvation. It was the best lesson we have ever had with him. So heading home from that lesson, to hit our goals, all we needed was one more potential..... She Rauch offered to drive us home, so that cut a lot of bus contacting time down. We were nervous. Walking down the street to our house, I was a bit nervous and told Sis Packer, no one is in sight, and were are a minute away...... Well just then, 2 guys turned the corner... We talked to them, they took a Book Of Mormon and ASKED if we could meet to talk more. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! SO MANY MIRACLES in one day, and I didn't even explain everything! It was wonderful! It was a wonderful tausch!

The next day, Freitag (Friday), Sister Judd and I also saw miracles. We had a great day, even after the bus schedules were VERY against us... haha. We had a lesson with a less active that is making so much progress within a couple months, she is already reading in ETHER. We showed her the Mormon messages, she LOVED THEM. We have been using them a lot, and everyone just loves them! The Spirit is really present when people ponder the messages they contain. We also met with a member, and her non-lds friends. It went so well!

Now we come to Saturday, we had a finding day in Bruck. That means we went to a little dorf (village), Kampfenberg and doored. Well I always thought this town was called krampfenberg (donut mountain I guess). Sister Judd and I mentioned how fun it would be to eat a krapfen here..... WELL Someone let us in! We talked with a mom and her daughter. They have an uncle in America who is LDS and she has talked with members at her flower shop.... how cool! She took a Book of Mormon and the elders will be contacting her to talk about the chapter she is going to read. It was seriously so cool to get to know this adventures family. Oh, and she fed us Krampfens :)

After finding day, we had a lesson with Pe__. We watched the Joseph Smith movie that is on Lds.org. She loved it. Before the movie she told us she knew that he died young but not how. It was such a great experience because she only knew about him seeing God, the Father and His Son. But we were able to see what else happened in his life. I am seriously so grateful for his life and all he did. I am also grateful for lds.org and how much we have used it this week! It is such a wonderful tool! Sunday was great. There were many people at church and we were able to spend the day in meetings and planning.
What a successful week!

Sorry this email is so crazy. But it describes my week pretty well :) Crazy goodness :)

Love you!

Sister Regnier

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