Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My last letter from the MTC (April 23)

Guten Morgen!!!
I have so many great things to say!
Last Tuesday, for devotional we heard from an apostle! Richard Scott came to talk to us and it was AWESOME. He focused on quite a few things but mainly Sister missionaries, learning a new language, and prayer. It was seriously just for me. :) The coolest part of his talk was his Apostolic blessing! So pretty much, I have the words of a prophet telling me I will MASTER the language. Which came as great relief! I really enjoyed his whole talk, he's a really good speaker. ( I have decided they get the most motivational speakers to come talk to us here because every time we have a devotional, I feel great, happy, and extremely motivated to get work done! So after some great messages from him, he sat down and we sang the closing song. As the sister with the closing prayer was walking up to the mic, he got up and said wait I have one more thing. (how cool, you know this is going to be important!) He got up and said, "the Lord has called us to succeed, not fail. The mission is an opportunity for you to discover stuff about yourself that you never knew before. It will sustain you for the rest of your life. He called you." Ausgezeichnet. It was such a great reminder, him holding the sisters in such a high regard was awesome too.
The next day was Wednesday. And that was a good day as well. Time is flying.
And then it happened. On Thursday, Sister Peterson and I were doing our language study and someone knocks on the door "WE HAVE OUR TRAVEL PLANS" AHHHHH. The whole day was a blur I seriously couldn't tell you what we did. Usually travel plans don't come until the Thursday before you come! So we were ecstatic!!!
So here's the scoop. We leave the MTC at 8 o’clock for a 10:55 flight and have an hour layover in Amsterdam, and arrive in Munich at 11 the next day. So yeah, I'll be "traveling a whole day." Sister Freestone, a counselor’s wife, looked up our flight for us and told us the plane will be stopping in Detroit as well. I don't know much about the flight except for the fact I will only have time to call you in SLC. They have calling cards at the bookstore but be expecting a call between 930 and 1030. I'm sure my comp and I will find an open phone. Because we have a long flight, that’s enough for a lot of 40 minute lessons :)  Sadly the other girls in our district are going to Frankfurt on a different plane (possibly with Sister Hallum) and I won’t be able to see them after Monday, which is sad. Melissa is leaving the same day but at 4 am. Sister Peterson and I REALLY lucked out with times. I guess I'll see how it works. This is my LAST Pday, so I prob won’t be emailing again unless I forget to tell you something and hop on later today.

So back to Thursday. Sister Peterson (her first name is Kori, and yes she's on the same flight) and I were asked to be the missionaries for the incoming new missionaries Wednesday!! Let me explain. On my first day. We had an activity where many of us were in a room with an investigator and missionaries would start the lesson, then we had to take it from there. Sister Peterson and I are those missionaries! It's really a cool thing we were chosen. However, I can honestly say I'd rather do it in German... I haven't given a lesson auf English! haha. I'm sure we will do fine, but it's a lot of people watching us and we are supposed to be training them and stuff. But I am glad our teachers find us that competent. 

So the rest of the time this week consisted of me struggling with german, loving german, and feeling the spirit. Seriously though, I LOVE DEUTSCH. The words are so cool and have so much meaning. Seriously, when I get back it may be hard to get me to speak English. The grammar is crazy though, I am learning so much that I never knew in English and a lot of stuff that's not in English.
I haven't heard from Rachel yet. I know she got the package and was planning on writing you, but perhaps she ran out of time. I was hoping to hear from her before I left here so I could at least get her address, because I don't know if she knows mine. Luckily we can email friends now in the field so I'll have to email her next week. NEXT WEEK. This is so unreal! I definitely do not know enough German. This is going to be some adventure.

On Sunday we had some guy come talk to us for 5 minutes during sacrament. I have no idea who he was but he made me so happy! He first started off by saying he is mad when people say your work is to plant seeds. NO, It's to baptize that is how you bring others to Christ! AMEN! Although a little bold, he really does speak the truth. That is our goal, because that is how people come to Christ. He also spoke on the importance of getting your bishop to love you. That had never crossed my mind before. But now it's a priority. He said the best way to do that is work with the inactive youth and unbaptized kids. You bet I can do that. That will definitely be one of the millions of focuses I have in the field.
I have a great object lesson you could use in YW mom! So during Relief Society. The Primary General President came to talk to us (the new general YW presidency was there too, these people in the MTC are pretty important :) ) She had two girls come up and one squeeze an empty water bottle with all her might, it squished. The other was given a full water bottle, which she could not crunch. This was to show how strong we are with the light of Christ. It was really powerful. She talked about how Satan is working very hard on us and if we fill ourselves with any of the qualities Satan gives us, we can be squished. But being full of the light of Christ, we are untouchable! I really liked her lesson. DC 88:67

I am super sad that I will have to break my “temple every week” since I have been endowed streak.... I love Sister Peterson to death. She said "how about on Monday during our packing time we go over to the temple?" She knows me so well and is just a sweetheart. So hopefully we can make it over there.
This Thursday should be interesting, we have in-field orientation ALL DAY. I've heard your "hinter" (Miranda-German-Made-up-word meaning behind) gets tired and it just feels really long. BUT It's specific to Deutschland I believe, so I am sure I'll love it!
I am kind of sad to be leaving the MTC it seems so unreal. Like I have grown to really love this place. And I feel comfortable here: broken Deutsch, English to rely on, wonderful speakers, meine Mitarbeiterin, everything! But life moves on and it's time for me to help the hearts of real investigators vs the stories of the people my teachers taught.
I am SO excited to go to Germany! (and all the other countries of course!)
Make sure you have personal study everyday :)
Well, the next email will hopefully be from Europe!
Love you all so much!
Talk to you soon :))

Schwester Regnier

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