Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sunday was DER BESTEST (April 2)

Guten Morgen meine Familie!
Great news, the email time has increased, so hopefully I will not be so scatterbrained (but the timer still is counting down 30 min sooo....) Anyways, Thank you so much for the Easter Package! The best part, other then the letters, was the dried fruit. I love you guys! Thanks also for the letters you all sent me this week! Getting mail is the best feeling. Oh and Sister Peterson says thank you too! :) So the first week here took SO LONG but this week, I feel like YESTERDAY was Pday. It's crazy!
So remember when I was dumb and thought German sounded ugly? Well I have been corrected for sure. The german hymns are the BEST THING EVER. They are WAY better then the hymns we have in the US. If you have time, go look up "Immer und ewig Vereint" (the german version of families can be together for ever) and translate it! It's SO GOOD. All the songs are so beautiful though.
I seriously LOVE this language. Translations are the coolest thing. For example, a young boy and a disciple are the same word. The Apostasy is "The fall from Faith" How cool right? There are tons of those!
So one of meine leiblings part of this week was reading the first little bit of the BOM. It was so spiritual. We all did it as a class and I am so grateful! JS testimony is incredible, I typically skip over that and start with "I Nephi.." But I never will again. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for FHE or a devotional read the intro, and all 3 testimonies. Make sure to start with a heartfelt prayer and it will be AMAZING.
Sundays are always the best, but this Sunday was DER BESTEST. SUnday night we go to a room and watch a film (of a previous MTC devotional) of our choice. It's so nice! The talks given here usually cannot be found anywhere else. So I wish I could say go look up.... but you wouldnt find it. Set-apart missionaries only ;) 
Yesterday, we had a girls meeting with all sisters from both German zones. Guess what? Meine Miterbiterin und mir are the ONLY sisters going to Alpenlaendische mission! Okay, so wow. I just think that is so cool. God must have some serious work for us to do out there that only we could do. Hopefully that means I'll see S. Peterson again! I am very curious to get out in the field and see what the ratio will be. I would be interested to know how much it has increased. We have been learning great things in my classes. At first, I disliked my new teacher. Oh by the way, Stefan turned out to be our third teacher. He didn't ever like us laughing and always stops us if we were and is really hard, especially on the sisters. The other two teachers, shower us with love and compliments. But I have come to realize his stricktly Deutsch spreken, serious, point-out-everything-wrong self is going to make us grow so much! And I know he loves us too. And I am really starting to like him as a teacher. I just have to realize his tough love methods :) 
So most spiritual experience happened at MTC so far YESTERDAY.
We were in class, and der Taufel got ahold of me. We were going over D&C4:2 ( we are memorizing all of D&C4 auf Deutsch) and I felt SO BEHIND. I didn't know the words. And then Satan took it from there and just made everything seem wrong! and I mean everything. I felt like I was on the edge of a breakdown. But whatever. I just sat there and felt sorry for myself. When a little later they asked for a volunteer undersucker. So for a second I forgot what that word was in english.... awesome. No one was raising their hand. So i decided to give it a go. Well I picked a character and they were telling me that my Heavenly Father loves me. I told them  something like (haha sometimes I have no idea what I really say) "I know he used to love me but I don't feel his love for me anymore" Then Bro Rowley was so bold and almost shouted NEIN He loves you past present and future. Holy cow! The Spirit was so strong at that moment. Everyone in the whole room felt it. But I feel like I felt it so much since I was front and center. They go on, but seriously, if I wasn't already getaufen, I'd asked to be right there on the spot. It was AMAZING. I love Meine Himmlischer Vater SO MUCH! I know he loves me and wants me to feel like I can learn all this german stuff, AND I CAN!
We taught our next investiagator, Thomas, this exact thing and about the BOM. I am so greatful for this time at the MTC. I am so grateful for the time I get to prepare myself so that when I get to the feild I can forget my self and go to work!
Das Buch Mormon is meine lieblings Buch. Wir konnen beten über Das Buch Mormon. Es ist Wahr. Ich Weissdass Gott unser Himmlischer Vater ist. Ice gebe Zeugnis dass die Wahr kirche wieder hergestellt wurde. Ich have danked für das Sünopfer und die worte der Propheten. Im namen Jesu Christi Amen.
Sorry if any y or z are switched, I am trying to practice with a German keyboard (insert smiley face, caus I cant find it, haha)
I love you all so much!

Schwester Regnier

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