Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My man, Uchtdorf, gives the best talks (April 9)

Guten Morgen!

How's everything?! Thanks so much for your letters, I love getting them! I've had a pretty typical week here at the MTC. Well maybe not, conference was AWESOME. Plus we got two unstressful days in a whole week, what a blessing :)
I really enjoyed conference and how it focused on the family. My comp and I decided that we are glad last conference came out before this one, or else the temple would be busy with sealings instead of girls getting their endowments. Those were some great talks though! I feel that ( i think it was) Anderson's talk went perfectly with what I said at my farewell. I hope you guys are trying to give referrals to the missionaries and be missionaries every opportunity you get. I actually enjoyed the YW broadcast the most. I didn't have the best attitude going into it (I'm not in YW what possibly is going to apply to me) Oh how wrong I was, again. IT WAS THE BEST. My man, Uchtdorf, gives the best talks and sure speaks the truth! It was awesome hearing so much about Germany. My favorite part was that temple video for sure. I have SUCH a love for the temple. I have 50 min till I get to go there again. :) Conference also made me have an increase in love and gratefulness for the Priesthood. We are SO lucky to have it on the earth as we are here. My district elders gave a blessing to one of the sisters they other day, and it just makes me SO HAPPY. I've had some great lesson this week by our teachers. So I'll just try and think of my favorite things that happen.

Favorite teaching experience: We decided to teach Stefan with no notes or anything and not really anything prepared going in to it. IT WAS AWESOME. We said what we know and REALLY got the point across, but that's not why it was the best. At the end, we asked him to pray, like last time he refused. But I wasn't about to let that slide. With all the words I could think of I pretty much gave him some sass. I told him why on earth would he pass up the opportunity to speak with his heavenly father that loves him SO MUCH and wants to hear from him. After lecturing for a couple minutes, he turned to me and said okay. So all my "so called attitude" I had as a kid paid off :) I was not going to take no for an answer. And the spirit was SUPER strong.
Funniest moment: After conference, my district, sorry if I spell that wrong, in English I am not 100% sure how too ;). Anyways, we had a review of conference we asked the boys to tell us about priesthood session. Well Elder Huttenin told us that Uchtdorf had an amazing talk. He began by explaining that he talked about a "creature" that falls down a lot. He felt so sorry for this animal. After describing it, saying it's probably a mix between a turtle and a sloth, he said "I think he called it a Toddler" HAHAHA It was SO FUNNY ( remember English isn't his first language). Awesome. He's a crack up.
Best food: Yesterday we had Gyros, made me think of you mom :) they were quite good.
Most spiritual moment: this is often when Bruder Woodruff gives his testimony auf Deutsch or one of Bruder Rowleys lessons. This week I feel like they are a tie. I really liked our "plan of salvation lesson." He talked about Adam and Eve and how great Eve had to be in order to be placed side by side with Adam who helped God with so many things. We also discussed the Priesthood. it was just awesome. WE talked about the different kingdoms and how we cant even comprehend the tel. kingdom, how great the other ones might be!
Best Resource teacher lesson: Bruder Hill came in talking about his family and how starting a family is the best thing in the world. And how we've committed to put that off. It was a round about way of giving yet ANOTHER no flirting lesson. But how he lead up to it was AMAZING. I could just feel the love he had for his wife, similar to that one guy who talked in conference.
Biggest language mess-up: WE were teaching Thomas, and we though he told us he was stressed because his drinking problem. So we decided to switch the lesson and talk about how much peace the gospel gives us and how drinking is only a temporary thing. Yeah, turns out he was stressed because his friends drink a lot.... hahaha. He doesn't even drink.....
Craziest day: Well THE FIRST DAY OF TRC (the place where people can volunteer to have us teach them, auf Deutsch of course). Lets just break down this day. The day before we didn't have time to teach one of our investigators, we had to teach FOUR people in one day. It was super draining. But in the field think how happy I'll be if I have that many appointments :) Anyways, our FIRST lesson was in the TRC. We walk in and we are teaching this older lady. Turns out she speaks NO English and doesn't know ANY gospel words in German because she's lived in Italy for the last 4 years (where she was baptized). Yeah. That was SO hard. Her accent was so thick. haha.... yeah It's going to be hard to understand real german.... After that we taught another guy from Germany. He just wanted to give us mission advice in English though haha. He was cute. Our other lessons went well, it was just a lot. I never thought it would be draining caring about other people so much haha.

Oh by the way, mom, you asked the other day how studying work. We have about 6 hours a day with a teacher. An hour on a computer program and the rest is up to us. That doesn't seem like much alone study time, but we have 16 hours in the day. We have many german books and resources.

Things are going so great here. I cannot WAIT to get out in the field. You thought I was excited before I left, ha. I'm way more excited now.
Oh by the way, we got new roommates, they are going to San Paulo. I'm sad we don't get german speakers with us like the other sisters, but they are cool too :)
Well it's time to go. Thanks for your letters. Thanks so much for the shirts you gave Rachel and I. They are SUPER cute.
Ich liebe Dich!

Sis, Regnier

All of the study materials!!!

With Sister Gaines at the temple

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