Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yesterday, I got a letter from Jesus Christ. (April 16)

Can you believe this is my second to last Pday in the MTC?? Holy cow. Rachel... I mean Sister Gaines, left this morning! It's going to be weird not seeing her all the time, we ran into each other about twice a day! It was so nice, she's got a long train ride in front of her.
Mom, I am SO happy you are working at the temple now!! That is the best thing ever. Cathy starts working at the temple today too. It just makes me SO happy, because that work is SO important. I've had a marvelous week! I am so happy!
So. if you are wondering why my pictures are so weird this week, it's because I'm on such a spiritual high, that I am floating, no big deal. The best one was definitely of Sister Davis, I wish i had it. There's my classroom, if you were curious. And there's one of Sister Busath and me (we are in the same branch/zone, her classroom is next to mine, and the other sisters in my zone are her roommates, so I see her a ton!)
Relief Society was SO wonderful this week. We had Mary Edmands come talk to us. I heard she talks at a lot of church things for women. So you probably have seen her at Time Out for Women or something. SHE'S AMAZING!!! I have never felt so many emotions in one sitting. I cried, I laughed, I was so excited, and I felt the spirit so strong. She motivated me like no other. You should google her, but from what I understood she went on 4  2 year missions and only went to the MTC once. She had to learn the languages from scratch out in the field!!! craziness. She had so many promises and awesome points of missionary work. I wish that they recorded MTC devotionals and such. She had me motivated to give it everything I've got! After Relief Society, we sung a song that I've never heard before, "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd." That's way good! and so applicable to missionary work!! Overall Sunday was great. Sacrament was based on the Suhnopfer. It was such a good reminder how important it is that we are using it all the time. And guess who gave their first talk auf Deutsch? Yeah, Sister Regnier. That was quite an experience. I felt weird because you know how I like to just talk about what I know, I am not much of a talk reader, well I read most of it. So I definitely have SO MUCH room to improve. That's okay, first talk out of the way, it can only get better right? hahah, well until I have to give like a 20 minute talk. I like what our Branch president's wife said, "The Savior has done his part, are you doing yours?" We have it so easy! We really need to make sure we are partaking of this miracle. Anyway, enough about Sunday. Class is going great. I think it's funny because going into the MTC, I thought that the teachers were going to be teaching us the language. Well A. it's the spirit that does that B. We have to be teaching ourselves too. This week we started getting into some really hard concepts, stuff I don't even know in English grammar. Anyways, I made up a more panned out language study plan. wow! It helped SO MUCH. I am so much more productive with my language study! Also, I am not wasting any time anymore, I spend more time focusing on the language. I saw this Elder sitting in front of me during the films and he really motivated me because he was studying his language scriptures while just waiting for the movie to start. That really got me thinking how much time I am wasting. So I am striving to be more like him :) I wanted to tell him how cool he was, he also did some other very impressive missionary things. But I didn't because of how much they talk to us about no flirting, and I didn't want it to look as such. Looking back on it, I regret it. Because what if me wanting to tell him what I wanted to was from the Lord. ah. disappointment. Seriously though, this flirting thing is ridiculous. It's frustrating because 1, so much time is wasted talking about it 2, that's not what we're hear to do, but SO MANY people do it. Meinie Mitarbeiterin was saying how she feels some of these girls are just wanting to "expand their network" to make sure their married when they get back. This is die Wahrheit. It's lame.
So this made me really happy this week. We talked in class about extending commitments and such. Bruder Mower was so nice, he was so complimentary to me. He was like  Sister Regnier is the best at this, I wish you could all see when she give commitments because she is so bold. I would be condemned if I told her to change that. Although this is such a little thing, it felt so good to be recognized for doing something really well in lesson. Plus that is my favorite thing to do. And testify, but that's because that's the easiest thing to do auf Deutsch and brings the spirit more than anything else. Teaching lessons is seriously my favorite thing. People get so nervous, I just really don't understand why. I love it!
I'm currently working on trying to memorize JS's vision auf Deutsch, it's super hard. My memorizing skills are the same as they were when I was younger. It's okay though, I just have to try harder. Plus it's getting easier as we learn more and more. I can get around with my vocab, its just sentence structure is killer. Thank you for all of your dear elders. I can't think if you asked any questions this time.... I forgot to reread them this morning, so I might get back to you. But thanks so much! Also, Minsun send the nicest little dearelder, please tell her thanks for me!
 This week, for a majority of my personal study, I went through the Christ like attributes chapter in PMG looking at all the scriptures and activities. I would definitely encourage this. There is a "attribute test" on the last page of this chapter. Figure out what you need to work on, and study that section! It's awesome because we have so much to improve on! Of course, my lowest score was patience.... immer. Luckily, I can already see a change prior to entering the MTC.
For meine Mitarbeiterin and my "fun goal" we are memorizing my leibling Lied! "Komme du Quelle" I don't think English has it anymore for some reason but this passes How firm a foundation, surprising I know.
Please keep me updated with life. I love getting your letters! Looks like the blessing will be flowing in through 2 very important calling to our family ( Also, were you set apart by the temple pres? or one of his counselors?)

Schwester Regnier

With Sister Busath

Crazy things that Missionaries do in their free time!


Yesterday, I got a letter from Jesus Christ. Check out the return address. Sam is the best :)


  1. Thanks so much for posting these! Sister Regnier explains the MTC so well and talks about things that no one usually mentions and it's so great for me. I'm going to the same mission and entering the MTC on May 29th for just 2 short weeks and I'm just so anxious I want to find out everything I possibly can.

  2. Yea, we are so excited for you. Good Luck Schwester Gluecklich! Give Schwester Regnier a hug for us when you see her!