Monday, March 10, 2014

Fasching -Carnival (March 10)

This week was so fun! It was faschingszeit. I don’t know what its called in English, but it’s celebrating the end of winter. It was so crazy. Floats and costumes everywhere!

We had a ward party, it was really fun we helped with a booth for the primary kids. Everyone dressed up, since we didn’t have much, we dressed up in our dirdles (German dresses)... haha but it was a blast. Austrians get a little crazy about holidays.

Today we went hiking with the elders and a member. It was so much fun, Austria is the prettiest thing ever!

This week we had a lot of appointments and had to accommodate a trip to Munich. It was craziness. Munich was really great though. The Christ-like attribute for this month is Virtue. I was blown away by the things Sister Miles talked about. We talked a lot about our thoughts. When I hear virtue, my mind goes to chastity linked things. However, we talked a lot about idle thoughts. It really stood out to me because I don’t really have a problem with poor thoughts, but sometimes I will just sit and give my mind a break. It sounds crazy, but what a waste of time! I could be doing so much more. It sounds so crazy but it was really what I needed. I should spend more time thinking about German, or a lesson, or my investigators, or things of better value. Tomorrow, Sister Allman and I will be talking about it with the rest of the zone, I am pretty excited. We talked a lot about our Area books. Idk, it was just really good and what I needed to get another wave of motivation. Well, I might start rambling because I forgot what I did this week and don’t have my planner..... haha see, bad memory.
We were by two members this week.... haha that makes a lot more sense in German. It was great. One was the Kn__ family, seriously the best family. I love them so, so much. I feel like my journal is filled on wanting to be just like them. Anyway, we had a blast, like always. They converted their keller (basement) into a band room,,,, that’s right, I rocked the drums for a whole minute... haha But it rekindled my desire to learn guitar! It was so great. I love seeing how members are here. They are just so, so cool and strong in the faith.

This week we got to visit a couple less actives. Man, it’s such an important part of this work. I love seeing them and reminding them of what they already know. Well that’s actually what we do with investigators too :)

P___ is doing so great! He will be getting baptized this Sunday. He is really excited.

Ha___ is having a hard time believing in God. He is praying this week. It’s so great to know, that if he prays with an open heart, he will get an answer!
Ph__ and Da__ are just the best. When we first showed up, Da__ (the 10 year old son) was trying to make an appointment for next time. He’s so cool! They read in the book of Mormon together. We taught praying and they both said a closing prayer. Da__ laughed a bit, but it was SO COOL to see two children of God talk to their Heavenly Father, in proper prayer, for the first time. They are so excited to continue reading in the Book of Mormon and meet with us and start coming to church.

All else I can say about investigators is that I HATE SMOKING. It's straight from the Devil. I hate it. Today we were talking about how we don’t even notice the smell anymore. It’s everywhere. And it's keeping people from the Gospel.  Addiction is awful. I think often of that video I sent home a couple months ago with the dad and the split screen of his life options. So good!

Also, SO two weeks ago, we went by a less active who had no desire and was afflicted by severe depression. This week we brought a member with us who gave her a priesthood blessing! SHE WAS SO HAPPY it was seriously great. Everything about her changed and she said she’d pray this week. The light was in her eyes. ah, missionary work is the coolest. Also, there is this less active 16 year old. Well, we started teacher her mom this week. It’s going to be great! I’m really excited for Graz right now. There is so much going on. I can’t get transferred. This transfer is just shooting by!

Well I had a crazy week. Another good thing is that I finally got caught up in my journal, it took the whole 6-hour train ride home from Munchen (Munich), but I did it! :) haha
Have a super week!
Love you tons!

Schwester Regnier

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  1. I am just passing by to wish a blessed mission, my son is right now serving in the same mission but deployed in Basel, Elder Bonjovanni is my son. Great wishes from Södertälje/Sweden and the Bonjovanni Family.....
    marcio bonjovanni