Monday, March 17, 2014

We had a beautiful baptism (March 17)

Well, this week was quite an interesting one. Most everything fell threw, except the baptism!!

So luckily, after a really hard week, we still saw blessings of the labor.
This week, Pa__ was baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. and he was BEAMING. The baptism was beautiful.

This week we had zone training. It was a really cool zone training because I was so passionate about the topics. We talked about virtue, organization, not wasting time, and old investigators. It was really a great meeting. I feel that everyone truly gained something from it, I sure did. Esp. virtue, Sister Allman and I were in charge of presenting it and wow. I have never been so surprised with a Christ-like attribute and how little I know. I learned A TON.

This week I had a tausch (splits) with Sister Green. The tausch was fun, except that literally everything fell out. But we finally had some time to get some of the stuff that’s been put off done. That included going by on a referral from "Some of my Christian friends and I would like some bibles.” So we went to the outskirts of Graz and brought some Books of Mormon :) So, his House ended up being a church. The owner, I guess you would call it, has dedicated his life to Africans. He calls himself a missionary and is just way cool! So asylum seekers can come live there and have a happy life. Its pretty dang cool. He had a lot of questions for us. One of the members of the household asked us if the book we were holding was the word of God. And then asked if we could come preach to him sometime. Man, I know I say this every week. But if I serve another mission, I gotta go to Africa!!!!

When Sister Allman and I were reunited, everything still fell threw..... sadly. but it gave us time to go back to the basics of finding. We had some great lessons on the Atonement and the Sacrament this week. So many members of the church don’t understand how important and how big the Sacrament is. I’m guilty of it before my mission. But I am just so grateful that we have the chance to partake of it every week!

Saturday was so stinken fun!
It started off with some fußball with a less active. It was pretty fun. Then a member picked us up in town and took us to their House. It’s so magical. I LOVE AUSTRIA. Well, we got to help them work on their house that they are building. I LOVE IT. I want to live out in the land of Austria, and build my own wood house. It’s the best thing. We got to work a bit with some animals, and when I say animals, I mean sheep and goats. It was so much fun. The little girls fell in love with us and we just felt like part of the family. Also, power tools are always fun :)
Then came SUNDAY. Sunday was obviously amazing. We had a beautiful baptism and then a great time with bishop then did our weekly planning on a castle overlooking Graz. no big deal :)

-- love ya!
Have a great week!

Sister Regnier

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