Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A miracle just happened! (Sept 9)


Wow, my email time is flying by. 

Last Monday, we decided to have a Family Home Evening (FHE), our first as missionaries. I encourage every missionary everywhere to set one of these up! It went so great! The ward members loved it and it was a great bonding opportunity. I also learned a new game, Wizard. It was so fun. We also had the Landshut elders come out and play some basketball for Monday’s P-day.

On Tuesday, we had Zone Conference. We unnaturally, role-played how to be natural. It was kind of hilarious. Afterwards, we went out to Pizza with the H___s', Schwester L___, and S__. It was so much fun. (I have missed pizza!) It is so fun to have such a great relationship with the members!

Sister Smith and I had a really great experience this week. We visited someone  for whom we had given the Book of Mormon last week. At that moment, she was actually moving stuff into her apartment with the help of someone we had previously taught!  Because of her physical condition it was really hard for her to perform the move, so we got there just in time to help. After helping her, and reminding her who we were, she told us that she had already read a lot in the book (it was sitting right there on her table!). We have an appointment with her next week. It was really a great opportunity, because not only did we help this potential investigator (who speaks bayerish fyi) but the other lady was also there to see us again and see us helping others. It was really inspired. The falling out of our previous plans really made it possible for this to happen. 

Wow, okay, a miracle just happened! The mother of a family who we just started teaching was outside the Internet shop! I went out there to talk to her, and she showed me pictures of her wedding last weekend oh, it was PERFECT to see her. 

Sister Smith and I spent a lot of time this week planning. That consists of us lying out on the floor mapping out old investigators and potentials..... hence the picture. It was kind of like a puzzle. But I feel all ready to go now! 

We almost went into Austria yesterday, its funny how hidden the boarders are here... haha. 

This week looks really good, we have a lot planned. 
Until next week,

Sister Regnier

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