Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh Strallin der Morgen (Sept 23)

This month's favorite hymn, Oh Strallin der Morgen, is such a fun song. It is so.... jolly?... Bayerisch?...wonderful.

So you asked to tell you a little more about German culture…
Well, It's just different than ours, but not like opposite side of the world different. Something I find interesting is that Germans typically have 1-3 really close friends. Everyone else is "acquaintances." They trust these few people. People aren't really open to talking about what is close to them. They go shopping very regularly. We look like FREAKS when we are buying enough food for 2 people for an entire week. Everyone is always unterwegs (on the way). Here, many elderly people take public buses and are completely independent, living on their own. There is senior community housing, but compared to America, the German elderly population is much more independent. They are very punctual. ummmmm. I don't really have that many. This week I'll pay more attention to it :)
This week I worked on my Bayerisch and my Krio. B___ taught Sister Smith and I a bit more Krio. Now I can say a lot more than " How de Bodi." However, it is close to impossible to understand. Also, on our finding day, I met the coolest lady! She is seriously amazing. We had a good chat on her porch. And when I say chat I mean, she spoke and asked questions and I tried my best to keep up and understand her questions. She spoke RICHTIG Bayerisch (CORRECT Bavarian). It was so crazy. She was so, so funny though. She taught me the word, Fescher Bursch. Definition, not important, but it may take me my whole mission to be able to say it correctly.

This week I had my most awkward encounter yet. I am still not ever sure why it was so awkward. We were visiting prior investigators. A guy, around our age, answered the door and just stared at us. I introduced us and asked if he had met with missionaries before. He only said one word..... it was so awkward. He was just looking at us. After me blabbing on trying to make it not awkward, Sister Smith just said, shönen tag (nice day). It was SO weird. I can't even give the situation justice. No wonder returned missionaries are so awkward.... haha.
We went along with the elders to one of their lessons as a joint teach. It was really cool. It was with this woman who has a very interesting situation. She seems really interested in the gospel and when we were telling her how we can know truth through the Spirit, she told us her own personal experience, agreeing with what we were teaching. I am really excited to meet with her again. She seemed really excited to read in the Book of Mormon.

We had a couple lessons this week. Which is a lot better than the last two weeks. We also were able to meet with the S___s for dinner and a stop in with Schwester L___.

This week Sister Smith and I made Zopf, a bread from Switz. It was really fun. But we will definitely have to try it again so as to perfect our skills.

My personal favorite part of this week was the Relief Society meeting. Schwester S___ gave a lesson on trust. It was really cool. She started out with giving us paper and asking us to write words we relate with trust. Then on another piece of paper, we wrote words that we do not relate with trust, or rather, we relate with mistrust. We then talked about how these words made us feel. I thought a lot about what makes a person trustworthy. Then of course my mind comes to Christ. In the preexistence, we trusted Him. We were told the plan. He told us that we wouldn’t go it alone, he would always be with us. He told us that in time, He would also come down in the flesh. He would come to help us and to save us. And we chose to go with him, we chose to trust him. Now, we are here on Earth and essentially do the same thing. Using our faith, we trust in the His plan, we trust our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. After that lesson, I decided to study it a bit. I really liked these scriptures: 2 Nephi 4:34, Mosiah 23:22, Alma 36:3, & 2 Chr 32:8. We really need to trust in the Lord and be like Nephi, go and do, and know that the Lord prepares a way.

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Regnier

Making Zopf

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