Monday, September 2, 2013

A Miracle Packed Week (September 2)

WOW. This week was, once again, miracle PACKED.

It started off to a rough start. First off, we played Soccer with this guy from Peru, I was sore for 3 days. haha, that doesn't really matter. But we finally were able to meet with the Atheist who said he would pray for a week. Our meeting was great. We taught the Plan of Salvation. He was asking so many "stimmt" questions. We focused a lot on the doctrine from the scriptures. he would say things like "Oh yeah, this is totally true, except the God part." It was kinda funny, because he totally was into it. However, near the very end of the lesson, we encouraged him to continue praying (He didn't really end up praying, more like meditating, still good, but not a prayer) with words and questions. He then answered with "Absolutely not." (Germans don't use that word as harshly as we do. He is German, but our lessons are in English. It was still harsh though.) My heart broke. He was so interested and really wanted to know everything and asked questions that proved he was really pondering it. I have never been so sad in my life. All three of us went home, and were like zombies. It makes me so sad. I can't imagine my life without this gospel. He needs it, I believe he even wants it. But he won’t allow himself to open up to the idea of it. It honestly breaks my heart. I have never, ever felt like I did that night.

Lets get to some miracles, shall we!?

Our lesson with the newly baptized S___ was amazing. My favorite quote from him is by far, " I knew the church was true, but after reading this chapter, I REALLY know the church was true." It cracks me up because it was some Isaiah chapter that I sadly skimmed over, to get back to the Nephi stuff. Luckily, S___ is helping me with this. He digs into the scriptures and always wants us to reread them with him and explain them. He seriously is the coolest. He also told us a story how he saw a Book Of Mormon in someone’s apartment that was just "shoved away." He picked it up, cleaned if off, and put it somewhere where the person would see it and remember it. We went on to teach him about member missionary work, when we tried to give him a Book Of Mormon to give out, he told us his soft cover one is laying on his desk not being used and he feels awful that a book, amazing as it was, is not being read. So then he told us he plans to give that one away. He was very particular on these Book Of Mormons should not be lying around unused. Pretty sure he is the coolest member of our church.

We were able to teach a lot of people this week, we totally surpassed our goal this week! It was amazing!

There is this one guy. He hasn’t met with us for a very long time. He doesn't believe in God, but will read the Book Of Mormon and ask for more "reading assignments." We have been trying really hard to get him to pray. He always replies that he can't with no reason attached. So this week, we had a miracle. He prayed. It was amazing! It was very simple, he just asked if God was there. Afterwards, he was beaming! It was so wonderful. We sang the whole way home. haha. It was also funny, because a day earlier. I told Sister Garrett if he prays after she is transferred, I would let her know via email. She then said she would fall over on the floor..... she didn't even have to wait for that :)

This week we were able to teach an investigator and her sister. It was SO COOL! She is from Africa, and had a really hard time understanding us. It’s funny how different their accents are. She loved the lesson. We read Alma 32 and talked a lot about it. The most interesting part of the lesson was when she gave a VERY ENERGETIC/ loudly voiced prayer. It is so interesting how different cultures pray. She blessed us a lot. Seriously she is so cool. If I ever serve another mission, I would LOVE to go to Africa. I’d love to come back here, but that would definitely be my second choice.

Sunday was wonderful. An experience that was really cool was when one of the members in our ward got up. She told us a spiritual experience she had through getting her sisters name prepared for the temple. Wow. I couldn't contain my excitement. We had talked about it in a lesson and it just made me so happy to see her work so hard to accomplish it. Her temple work is being done today. :))) It makes me so, so happy. As if that wasn't the best moment in testimony meeting. S__  got up! He said in German he would like to give it in English, the ward was beaming at his efforts to speak German. He then gave the purest best testimony ever. Wow, last Sunday, I thought I would never have such a great Sacrament, well this one was better. I loved it. It was Sister Garrett's last Sunday here in Passau. It is going to be very hard to say goodbye on Thursday. Passau and Sister Garrett has always been a big part of my mission so far. It is going to be really weird not having her around. She is a wonderful missionary and has really helped Passau.

I love Passau so much. Everyone I teach, all the members, everyone. I don't know if I will ever be able to leave. My heart is in the heart of Bayern (okay, well Munchen is the heart of Bayern, but lets be honest. That is not real Bayern, just a bunch of wannabes that don't even speak the language ;) )

Schwester Regnier

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