Monday, September 30, 2013

Passau better prepare for a Primary!! (Sept 30)

What a good cliff hanger for a subject ;)

This week was great!
Last week we had a WONDERFUL Family Home Evening. A lot of people came. Elder Merkley made crepes. I had a Pictionary game going. And we had a soon-to-be-potential come. It was perfect. Everyone had so much fun.

Tuesday, Sister Smith and I tried something new. We are trying to make contacts in more natural settings. So, this week, we decided that while grocery shopping would be a good place to start. We didn't have a lot of time, but I am pretty sure we now know how to make a wonderful Schnitzel. Hopefully results on that will be in the next couple of emails/posts.

Usually, District Meetings take place in Landshut. This week the Ehe Paar was not there, so we had it in Passau. The A____s, the Ehe Parr, usually make a wonderful lunch for us. This week, we did things a little differently. 2 weeks ago the Passau elders had a cereal eating contest.... so we wanted to make it district wide. Yes, when you think of missionary, a cereal-eating contest does NOT come to mind. But, it was really fun. You don't even want to know how much cereal I consumed. Sister Smith and Elder Merkley tied for first, and then Elder Barker and I tied, then the Landshut elders weren’t even close. Haha. You would be surprised the tactics used in this competition.

We also got a referral on Tuesday, the Neuötting elders called us with someone they just visited, and while they were giving me her number, she called us! She was so excited to meet with us. We made an appointment for Saturday. It went so perfectly. Seriously, coolest thing ever. We took a trip to Pocking. We have went there SO MANY times to get ahold of Frau M___, who never is home. However, on the way to St____, we see Frau M____! What are the chances.. Everything about our wandering around Pocking was inspired. I can't get over it. St_____'s lesson was straight out of Preach My Gospel. We were sharing scriptures, asking questions, the spirit was there. She responded positively to everything. She promised to read in the Book of Mormon and just like that, we got ourselves a NEW INVESTIGATOR! The best part is that she has 2 kids and is PREGNANT! Better get the Primary going! ah, I love serving here! The whole day was a spiritual experience.

This week we had our Austausch (exchange). I went to München to work with Sister Packer. We had a really cool experience with this guy. On our way from the train to home, we talked to him. We talked about the Book Of Mormon and he wanted one so bad, and was asking us where he could read it online. When I pulled one out and gave it to him, he about fell off his chair, literally, he was in a wheelchair. He gave us his cell number and his home number and they made out an appointment. It was really cool to see how excited he was to learn more about Christ. I really wish I could see him progress.

This week we had an appointment with Frau D___. It was so fun. Before we got started, she taught us some Latina dancing. We were having a ball and it was just so fun. She loved the Restoration DVD. I love watching that, because it really gives a second witness of what we are saying and it's a wonderful tool to use to really bring the Spirit.

Saturday we had our Putzentag. It was actually really fun. We were able to organize EVERYTHING and really just clean the apartment. It is Spotless! It was fun because we had to find out where a clothing container was to put missionaries clothes that are just sitting here because no one wants them. Getting those bags across town, on a packed bus was an adventure in itself.
Yesterday, the missionaries taught Sunday School. Oh don't worry, everyone and their mom was there. The Mü___s are back from vacation, and due to L__s' mission farewell, there were a lot of witness' to my awful German. We lead a discussion on Glauben (Faith). The point was that we are all on different stages of faith but we can always grow. It was a fun thing to study, because we focused on each step going through Alma 32. Every time I read that chapter, I get something new. I would encourage you to reread that chapter, and see what sticks out to you. See how you, personally, can nurture your faith.

This week was so full of reaping the rewards from my labors. I love this work. I don't want to come home, sorry ;)
Have a great week! Love you!

Sister Regnier

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